Team uPlexa has focused a new innovation by creating better IoT mining experience. This is also having a purpose of preventing the miners from ASIC for exploiting their network. But, mining by IoT is not only the primary purpose of it. uPlexa is also providing an adoption form through their service provider payments which are anonymous. Anonymous payment services are one of the most loved features because it ensures the secure way of transaction. This feature similar to any eCommerce platform that targeting the deal for the clients and store is anonymous.

The fact that privacy and anonymity have been debated within all cryptocurrency users, uPlexa has been fixing this issue by using the CryptoNight algorithm. Beside their benefit of giving plenty of options for the users, this feature also ensures and provide private transaction which untraceable. To understand this brand new cryptocurrency and how the system works genuinely, let’s take a look to our list below.

How The uPlexa Works

1. The Model of IoT

By their modified CryptoNight algorithm, uPlexa could provide the anonymous payment and specific security into your account. The previous version of IoT devices mining, which runs through the default CryptoNight algorithm, isn’t longer profitable and viable. The amount of uPlexa that will be earned depends on the user settings and limit from the system. Soon, all IoT devices will be supported by this system, but first, the developer will focus on the device which listed below:

• Laptops and Desktop PC

• Tablets and Smartphones

• Smart TV

• Smart and Modern Kitchen Appliances

• Raspberry Pi’s

• Smart Car

• Servers, such as server farm and data center

• Others devices as the journey of IoT development

2. Near-Zero Congestion Model (NZCM)

Another cryptocurrency has faced the issue of high-cost fees and heavy network congestion. This made the transaction getting slower and more expensive. uPlexa developer has to see and study this problem. So they make a model which named by Near-Zero Congestion Model (NZCM). This model has several functions, they are:

• Harness the massive adoption of IoT devices

• Chain transaction using the uPlexa NZCM API

• Disapproval for any small number of trade

• Setting higher fee for the small amount of transaction.

3. How The NZCM API by uPlexa Works

The API of uPlexa is used for providing the less congestion in the network. This API will limit the amount of microtransaction, reducing the on-chain transaction, and reducing the fee for project and company.

The good news is, the uPlexa won’t charge any fees until the user’s a profitable store. That means the store remains free until you make three times of store fee monthly. It cost around 29 USD per month for the primary type of stores. If you could surpass amount more than 29 USD, you will charged in daily, or bi-weekly. Depends on the terms and situation. The uPlexa eCommerce team has been working in this industry, from WordPress (WooCommerce), BigCommerce, and The Shopify. Those team will be firmly focused on creating the customize and anonymous experience of eCommerce. So, the uPlexa will be focusing their priority both to their eCommerce and the increasing conversion of their customer.

Anonymous Service Payments

uPlexa will connect the service providers with secret payments. This thing will be achieved if the developing startups are making multiple partnerships which allowing their user to for the services with using uPlexa and KYC as the optional payment method. There is some reason that the payments should be anonymous:

The anonymity of payments and identity will give the user protection from spy programs which could be stealing their private pieces of information

It also will protect the user’s data from being sold for any marketing purposes

Since uPlexa is a global currency, the user no need to pay for the tourist fees in other countries

Keeps your business relationships and suppliers as a secret

Escape government service bans and repression

Avoid the blackmail from the employee and ISP that spy user’s data

Keep the user payments and acquiring as a secret

Avoid the hackers to trace to your phone number and any others online accounts

The user could pay the family with their account

The function of anonymous payments in uPlexa going far beyond the codebase, it surpasses the large corporations’ realms and policy about anonymity and KYC. The hardest challenge to developing this feature will be finding partners and companies that willing to provide anonymous and secure options for their services and system. So the uPlexa will have a strong focus and strategic partnership to help uPlexa achieving their true potentials.

You can enlighten yourself more about this new and functional cryptocurrency using the links below. uPlexa is not only functional but also has a big chance to be a good investment in the future like any others cryptocurrencies.

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5058404

Website: https://uplexa.com/

White Paper: https://uplexa.com/content/uPlexa-Whitepaper-EN.pdf

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