Urunit is an online gambling platform that is developed to bring diversity of interest on the business of gambling. It has been identified that the gambling business has been the same for ages. Same old pattern, nothing interesting or novel. If not the money won, or the thrills one get from seeing others lose or win, then there’s nothing new. Man saturates in everything they do. The world has been defined to present itself with a day to day thrilling event or situation, weather good or bad. So man has been accustomed to this shape of life all our life. Cheating men/women can justify their actions on this base too. They need something new, a new emotional engagement, it is a psychological thing, and we can’t change it. So everything around us has to be spontaneous and ever engaging. If in this jet age you don’t think of how to rebrand the face of your business, then without knowing it you are on a mission to shut the doors, and weather good news or bad news, the gambling industry will run into extinction one day.  So to salvage this and bring a new face to this business, the team members of this project has come together to build a gambling business that will give the players the right to own the room and host the game, and even the right to auction their rights to other players. The casino owners who don’t participate in gambling end up making the largest money. There is need to correct that.

In this new setting, the gamers are to take control of the casino, the players themselves, poker rooms, slot machines and the tables are all controlled by the gamers. This leaves with them some profits, and from which a 10% of their profit is given back to the casino’s original owners to run maintenance of the platform. So with this new formation of who gets what and why will bring more fun to the table. It’s gamble from the top down to the main activity.

Between the year 2017 and 2018, the gambling industry has peaked at $52 billion as its evaluated market share, and $81.7 billion as promise for the year 2022, which is just 4 years from now. The market niche are women and men alike, old and young with the same psychological frame of mind, the want for novelty.


There will be a daily drawings among all the players to determine the lucky ones who will get the chance to manage the casino for the day. The lucky ones pay an amount of money to lease a place. If as a gamer who is to control the casino for the day, you can use your right to place bet in some of the games or also auction the right out. The choice is yours.


The statistics below is a proof to encourage investors that the market for gambling is in fact alive and healthy.

With the purchased tokens at hand, Investors have the opportunities of increasing the market demands by burning 0.5% of any token transaction amount paid. This in turn reduces the number of token in circulation, and token demand rises. Also, holders of the token can participate on the daily/weekly/monthly drawings of the jackpot.


URUN tokens

Fiat Currencies

Popular crypto-currencies

As the main currency for internal gaming within the platform, the UCoin is used with its exchange rate to 1 ETH is 50000 UCoin.


Token name – URUN

Token type – Utility token

Token technology – Token is created by ERC20 standard on Ethereum platform. Token is compatible with stock exchanges and wallets

Total number of emitted tokens – 80,000,000

Token Sale Cap – 60,000,000

Accepted currencies – ETH automatically (BTC, LTC, DASH, XRP, ZCL, STX, ATB – manually



The goal of the campaign is to achieve a Soft Cap of 4,000,000 URUN tokens. A total of 80 million tokens will be emitted. Maximum number of tokens during the public sale stage will be 75% of all the emitted ones, which equals 60 million. The base price of one token is 0.00125 ETH (1 ETH = 800 URUN) Unsold tokens, emitted for sale during Closed pre-Sale, pre-ICO and ICO campaigns will be distributed proportionally among those who bought our tokens during pre-Sale and ICO stages. Tokens reserved for founders will be frozen for 2 years from the end of the ICO campaign. Tokens reserved for the team members will be frozen for 1 year from the end of the ICO campaign.

75% – Public sale

7% – Reserve fund for platform development

6% – Founders (tokens are frozen for 2 years)

5% – Team (tokens are frozen for 1 year)

2% – Advisors

5% – Bounty



30% – Expenses for platform development, equipment and third-party services. Contracting additional specialists to speed-up the launch of the project.

45% – Marketing budget, used to attract users through various channels: social networks, search engines, banner advertising.

5% – Legal and financial consulting, obtaining all required licenses, both for the development of the platform itself, and for the operation of the casino.

15% – Stabilization fund which both, guarantees payments to all players for large bets, and insures the company against bankruptcy.

5% – Payment for the services of third-party technical specialists and agencies, for consultations and assistance in the marketing of the project.

There will be three stages for URUN token sale. There will be the closed pre-sale, the pre-ICO and the ICO



Q3 2017: Market research. Design and development of “U Run It” platform concept; forming the team

Q4 2017: Confirmation of the player’s interest in the platform

Q4 2017: Beginning of the platform development

Q1 2018: Preparation for public sale and developing a smart contract

Q2 2018: Tokens closed pre-Sale

Q2 – Q3 2018: ICO stages (pre-ICO, marketing campaign, ICO)

Q3 – Q4 2018: The token is emitted to major crypto exchanges

Q3 2018 – Q1 2019: Obtaining all the required licenses and registrations

Q2 2019: Release of Alfa-version of the platform and the beginning of active testing among players. Alpha version allows deposits and withdrawals only in cryptocurrencies and URUN tokens

Q3 2019: Release of Beta-version of the platform, signing contracts with game developers. Integration of deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies

Q4 2019: Launch of the platform with basic set of games and its release to the European market. Start daily, weekly and monthly jackpot drawings

Q1 2020: Updating and expanding the catalog of games. Release of the platform to the Asian and US markets

Q2 2020: Release of the mobile version of the platform for iOS & Android and incorporation of casual games and games of skill

Q2 2020: Integration of games from Third-party developers. Beginning of Sports Betting platform development and its integration into existing infrastructure. Integration of the AI into the Sports Betting platform.

Q3 2020 AND BEYOND: Further development of the platform and increase of its market share in the gaming market. Game catalog transition to blockchain



Roman Grushkovsky – Co-founder, CEO

Max Vaschuk – Co-founder, CMO

Leonid Rubin – Co-founder, COO

Pankaj Gupta – ICO Adviser

Timo Trippler – Investment Adviser

Jason Coles – Community Adviser

Dmitry Pshenin – ICO Adviser

Aleksey Batishev – Gambling Adviser

Maksim Mishchenko – Marketing Adviser

Victoria Naizer – Casino Adviser

Tamara Dvir – Casino UI/UX Adviser

To find in-depth details concerning this project and other areas this article failed to capture, please visit these links below. You can as well follow the team members on social media to find out about their standing background backing this project up.

Website: https://www.urunit.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.urunit.io/docs/whitepaper_eng.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396208

Telegram: https://t.me/urunit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/URUNIT_IO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urunit

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396208


BITCOINTALK URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086

WALLET ADDRESS: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad



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