URunit: the first gabling platform managed by its community

Gambling industry keeps developing, new online and offline casinos are opening in the world. They attract customers with new games, flashy banners, bonuses, rewards, etc. However, one thing has never changed: all the profit goes to casinos. What if you found out that it is possible now for the players to take control and receive most of the profit?

Main principles of URunit
URunit  was introduced to change the common rules of gambling. This gambling platform provides the gamers with a full control over machines, tables, gaming rooms and everything else.

As you might understand, the number of players will exceed the number of games, tables in casino. In order to determine the managers of the casino on specific days, the draws will be held free of charge and a few lucky members will be chosen.

The chosen members can accept the right to host the game, for that they will need to pay a small fee in URUN tokens. Alternatively, they can sell their right to other members. Step by step the most active gamers will get higher ranks on the platform, which also can be traded.

The project has already attracted the best financial lawyers. Many experts mentioned the high security standards of the platform thank to the professional experienced team behind the project.

Games available on the platform
Expect to see on the platform the most common games you see in casinos such as:
• Poker
• Roulette
• Black jack
• Slot machines

More games (lotteries, card games, etc.) will be added on the later stage.

The platform will have open API, which means that the games can be added by the third party developers to keep the games’ database renewed and rich at all times. All new games will be tested by the administrators first.

URUN tokens
URunit is based on decentralized blockchain technology. Smart contracts Urun provide that all tokens will be issued before the sale and there will be no additional tokens’ issuance. The holders of the tokens will have right to participate in jackpots.

Besides, it is important to mention that the amount of tokens on the platform will be decreased. This will happen because tokens will be used as transactions on the platform and with time they will be burnt.

The token used in the platform called URUN and based on ERC-20. The total supply of tokens – 80 000 000. 60 mln. were offered for sale, the rest were distributed as bonuses, payments to advisors and bounty. The purpose of the token on URunit is only one- performance of the payment.

To sum up, we came across the system which takes the gambling business to the next stage. It is more than just a casino. Currently existing gambling platforms have nothing in common with URunit. It is the first gambling platform to be controlled by the players enabling them to receive most of the profit. The platform will be attracting people itself. It seems that the project has great future ahead.

Home Page: https://www.urunit.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.urunit.io/docs/whitepaper_eng.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396208



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