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|| Introduse for USAT ICO

Those are the people, who defied orthodoxy and paved way for radical thinking. Intellectual property rights in many countries are in a dismal state indicating the utter lack of carelessness, which is bestowed upon the original thinkers and innovators. In the age of digital technology, people are more curious than ever.

Researching, and finding our way to the top is one of many ways to leave a permanent mark on humanity. But, the challenges related to the field has to be overcome for the ultimate open environment of innovation and invention. Giving people a chance to think independently while keeping their intellectual property rights intact would be the sustainable path forward.

USAT Inc. is already functional and in partnership with the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM). AIHEM is an Australian based professional alliance. And through their collaborative effort, they have been able to bring to light some unimaginable project that has added value to the human world.

|| How is it working ?

They are a corporation with well vast knowledge at hand, they are made up of professors, associate professors, specialists, doctors, in the field engineering and technology at large.

They receive project proposal of valuable and worthwhile project and have it subjected to internal review, and when found worthy will draw up funding strategy to finance the project and in the process acquire the patent and ownership of the product, which upon completion can be resold to parties that can really put the technology into application. The technology is handed over with the patent and copy right to it. While the corporation retains the IP repository to it all.

Upon success of any project, the corporation stake holders will meet to determine what to happen to the fund generated, and decide whether to immediately deploy it into another prospective project or use it to get back the tokens from the shareholder.

|| Solution of the project

Technology is the not for profit organization working to improve the situation of the intellectual property rights. It has decided to bring blockchain technology into the world of intellectual property rights. Patents and trade secrets stored in the repository will be distributed with the help of smart contract technology. USAT Token is utilized on the platform for the various transactions purposes. Many new patents are continuously being added to the repository of the platform.

It aims to become the transparent and reliable platform where inventors collaborate and store their inventions. Different revenue generations schemes are being employed by the platform with the help of marketing in terms of licensing and distribution of the patents. They have also mentioned the description of the patents currently owned by the team.

|| Token details and Team

Alexander de St. Amatus
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter Banjanin
President & Co-founder of USAT Inc.

Sydney Ifergan
Marketing Advisor

Maksym Dolzhenko
Investment Advisor

William Cartmell
Legal Advisor

Joey Smith
Technology and Marketing Advisor

Matt Swezey
Senior Developer

Md.Mofassair Hossain
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dr. Jason Hung
Top 5 Ranked Advisor on ICO Bench

|| Roadmap

|| Project conclusion

Bringing liberal views into the creation of a new society that is based on scientific reasoning rather than blind faith should be the aim of the humanity. Inventors and Innovators never sit and cry over the absence of resources and environment rather they bring innovative thinking and unique approach towards problems solving.

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