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Peace to all friends, Everything is in your hands and profits will not make you wait if you look closely at the project. And today I want to offer a promising project. Dear friends, welcome to my blog! Today I will talk about ICO projects that are very unusual and interesting. We will discuss how USAVE applies blockchain technology in a decentralized industry and the development of the crypto community, as well as discuss details about the ICO in detail.
On this site  You can visit the “Team” section and see the profile of each employee on Linkedin, and you can also see the entire Usave team. Here you can consult and analyze as many people’s experiences as you want.
Selim FENDI – Founder, CEO of
Hirander MISRA – Co-Founder, Head of Application
Blockchain Azzedine OUARAB-Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Sami TAVERNA-Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Tony HARROP-Co-Founder, Tech / Business Advisor
For the first time in history, we created an ecological system based on blockchain technology. We can rediscover the gold supply from the mine to the refinery
We provide metals in ecological conditions, store them in safe safes at
Apart from being unjustified, the buyer is also guaranteed by the gold extraction to have been carried out in legal and healthy conditions
  • Track: from mine to consumer, tracked with certain hardware
  • Safe: U.SAVE Ecosystem creates a safe space
  • Market: sure it is invalid from the cleanliness of gold
  • Transparency: thanks to the use of public blockchain, everyone can test and connect the origin of gold
  • Responsible for the environment: we ensure the environment completely, without using dangerous chemical products, but we are also not safe for miners too
  • Exchange: temporary
The Usave Ecosystem is a global solution capable of tracking, protecting and selling green gold using distributed accounting technology (“DLT”), based on the blockchain. In addition, he also explained the benefits for all participants in implementing the DLT for gold mining, processing and trade exchange, as well as for the development and implementation of the plan.
The USAVE ecosystem is a good alternative to current gold production and distribution standards: an environmentally friendly gold supply chain from miners to connected equipment, which records production within the framework of blockchain technology to track and pay fair, physical-gold exchange, which allows access to physical, traceable gold that enables human transformation in the mountain community.
The first consequence of this new model is the social revolution for industrial, semi-industrial and small-scale mining organizations or workers, their families and communities. This ensures the financial security of small and artisan miners by guaranteeing fair payments for their work and bringing the gold they mine to the legitimate gold mining industry (“gold that is environmentally responsible”) rather than the informal or black economy. This helps industrial and semi-industrial mining companies meet ESG standards and contribute to
Aurum sustainable development
Aurum Monaco will act as an environmentally responsible processor, Aurum Trade will invest in production contracts with partner mines. Therefore, the Group will be the main supplier of gold that is environmentally responsible in the usave ecosystem.
Monaco Vault, a modern safe that will protect gold under the control of their strategic partner BRINK with insurance from Lloyd’s of London.
In collaboration with our partners GMEX Group, the leading service provider and exchange technology in the world, a physical gold exchange will be formed; this will provide an effective trading solution for dangerous cryptocurrency.
The USAVE Token will be a digital asset that connects the entire USAVE ecosystem together and contributes to the continuous improvement of the physical gold market. This will be used as a payment tool only for the USAVE ecosystem among all intermediaries. Usave strives to ensure that the ASave tokens provide a comprehensive solution to balance the cryptocurrency portfolio with real assets.
See more of this project by watching this video
The platform economy is built around an internal USAVE token. The USAVE Token will be used as a primary payment and exchange tool on the Blockchain to ensure smoother transactions at lower costs for all participants in the value chain.
Detail ICO
Name of USAVE tokens
Pre-Sale token prices – 1 USAVE = 0.895 €
Price of General Sales tokens – USAVE 1 = 0.94 €
SoftCap-5,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap-130,000,000 EUR
Currency received – BTC, ETH, LTC , Dash, Doge, fiat
Why do you have to support this project:
Usave Team, of course, all employees work for the company’s interests and are always ready to help in any case. They are always related and not lost from sight. After all, at the moment, when we talk about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
All prototypes made by the Usave development team are in the public domain, now you can read and try this system.
The leaders of this project have great experience in doing this kind of business and Usave, will definitely succeed. The following is the project’s professional team:
The leaders of this project have the greatest experience in running such businesses, and Usave will definitely succeed. The following is the project’s professional team:
  • Selim FENDI – Founder, CEO
  • Hirander MISRA – Co-Founder, Head of the Blockchain Application
  • Azzedine OUARAB – Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sami TAVERNA – Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
  • Tony HARROP – Co-Founder, Tech / Business Advisor
  • On this site  You can visit the “Team” section and see the profile of each employee on Linkedin, and you can also see the entire Usave team. Here you can consult and analyze as many people’s experiences as you want.
Usave participated in various crypto, blockchain forums, signed a serious contract.
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