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Introducing USAVE

We know that this can be a sensitive industry, which is why the USAVE platform will help instill greater trust into this sector. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, our network will track and record data throughout the entire process — from the miner, through the supply chain, and ultimately the end consumer.

Our process starts at the supplier stage, after which can track the exported gold through its transport to a refinery. Once the gold is refined, it is put into a secure vault in Monaco. The owner will then have the option to deposit the gold or can use it as collateral to borrow money against it. Our token is not linked to the price of gold and the value of the token is fully guaranteed for conversion into physical gold upon exchange.

The USAVE platform utilises blockchain technology to make a social and environmental impact. We guarantee a secure and traceable origin of all its eco-friendly and ethical gold as it moves through the supply chain and is held in vaults by owners, giving all parties full transparency and peace of mind.

We will use cryptocurrency to transform the gold industry and use blockchain to ensure the trade of ethically sourced gold. All of our sourcing is entirely responsible. There’s no mercury, forced labour and so on involved throughout our entire process. We’ll help to secure gold mines across Africa and Latin America and ensure the highest ethical standards throughout the entire process.

Utilising our network, businesses can now develop a dynamic, complete and sustainable gold ecosystem, which will be able to uphold the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility throughout the entire supply chain process, from the miner to the buyer.

We’re set to launch our Initial Coin Offering (ICO), during which we are looking to raise a hard cap of $130million. The private sale will open in July and our pre-sale will launch in September, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Our refinery, vault and exchange are all based in Monaco, which is the perfect location within the gold industry. The region’s political and economic stability, coupled with the integrity of its institutions and regulations makes its an ideal background for the growth and acceptance of a physical hub for gold products. What’s more, this is where wealth is concentrated and the demand for gold is significantly higher than other countries.

We’ve partnered with global leader in security-related services, Brinks and Lloyds to assist with our financial services and help us to implement our strategic vision for USAVE. Our exchange creator, London-based company GMEX, will also be working closely with us throughout the entire process.

We’re thrilled to also partner with ICO advisory service, Chaineum, which offers digital companies a full range of advice and services for the development of their Blockchain and ICO strategy. Chaineum will be assisting with our ICO and helping us to maximise its success.

To assist with global PR, we’ve also enlisted the services of Jargon PR, which has an extensive knowledge of the blockchain and ICO industry. Jargon PR will be assisting with press engagement and social media, to create a buzz around our ICO and keep everyone updated with our progress.


The world of gold mining is shaped by social conflict, environmental impact, gover- nance challenges and a lack of transparency.

The business is made largely at the expense of developing countries, leaving the people who do the actual work in horrible conditions, often below the poverty line.

Owning gold doesn’t automatically allow one to put its value to use and moving gold from one place to another is tedious and risky.

Gold can also be a tool for development. Gold mining can be cleaner and the supply chain more equitable and more transparent.

SUPPLY CHAIN – By creating an incorruptible end-to-end system that is ethical, reliable and dynamic. Designed to bring traceability to chaos. To bring fair pay to the powerless. Transparent Pricing, Daily purchase price is posted publicly for the entire mining community, encouraging transparency and trust-building.To bring certainty to a world of empty promises. A system that introduces agility to utilizing gold assets, while never compromising on either security or accessibility. Built on the blockchain, we certify that OECD guidelines are met when extracting gold to be incorruptible and safe. A trusted supply chain platform that is going to create better conditions for everyone involved. In order to ensure the full traceability and security of the supply chain, i5 supply solution will requires all parties to be connected and compliant to its norms.

AURUM MONACO – Located in the Principality of Monaco, This refinery will only use gold dore coming from i5 supply solution-accredited or vetted partners to record and guarantee their origin and their compliance with social, sustainable and ecological standards. The refined gold coming out of the aurum Monaco Gold Refinery will be able to demons-

trate its authenticity, purity but also its eco-responsible characteristics. Ingots will be stamped and numbered by the newest laser technology, witch is recorded into the blockchain ledger, fully traceable with a unique number that is printed into an unforgeable certificate.

VAULT – By choosing Brinks Global Services, The first logistic and security company in the world to handle and operate a State of the Art Vault outside the Banking System scheduled to be built in Monaco. The Eco-responsible Gold will be stored in a highly secured Vault. The gold safe located in Monaco guarantees the traceability and the security of the gold. Storage outside of the banking system: no exposure to bank default’s risks. This feature of the ecosystem will allow our users to store both physical and crypto assets in one place, protected not only by our security system and team but also by being kept in one of the safest cities in the world , Monaco.

EXCHANGE – The last chain of our Eco system is the Monaco Gold Spot Exchange. Powered by GMEX Group, our exchange will be the first access point for all responsibly sourced gold purchasable with cryptocurrencies. Transparency of trades. Powered by the technology of the GMEX Group, the MGX will not operate as another gold exchange trading duplicate of international gold derivative contracts but will offer a solution based solidly on a trade in physical gold.

USAVE Blockchain partners with GMEX to build secure digital exchange for physical gold

We are delighted to today announce an agreement to partner with GMEX Group (GMEX), a provider of innovative exchange, post-trade and digital technology solutions, to build the digital Monaco Gold Spot Exchange (MGX) which will enable the fair and secure trading of physical eco-responsible gold. GMEX will deliver the full GMEX Fusion technology suite to the new exchange as part of its Market Advancement Programme. As part of the agreement GMEX has also acquired a 30% stake in USAVE.

USAVE provides a disruptive alternative ecosystem for today’s gold production and distribution standards. It enables an ethically sourced gold supply chain from the miner, with connected hardware recording production, through to tracking and fair payments using Blockchain technology. In turn, this allows visibility and accessibility for a wider market to physically trace gold and enables human transformation for mining communities globally.

On 11 July, USAVE announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to power the development of the platform to raise a hard cap of $130M, with the pre-ICO sale set to go live on 17th September 2018.

Powered by the full GMEX Fusion suite of products, the MGX will be an access point for ethically sourced gold from around the world, in addition to the gold produced through the USAVE ecosystem. This Commodity Exchange will act as the accessible final block in the USAVE value chain.

GMEX Fusion will provide MGX with the ForumMatch multi-asset exchange trading platform supporting both traditional assets and tokenised digital assets, including front-end, matching engine, market data, market surveillance, reporting, ForumCrypto wallet and settlement manager for custody of digital tokenised gold and other assets. The technology will run a high speed private Blockchain and secure cold storage linked to external wallets and a public Blockchain addressing provenance of gold from demand to supply linking physical gold and storage.

The MGX will offer a solution based on the trading of physical gold and will not operate, as some others do, by trading duplicates of international gold derivative contracts. Using the USAVE token as the main means of payment, the MGX will establish a strong physical market, where physical gold is exchanged and stored in the USAVE vault or delivered to the customer’s vault of choice.

MGX will also create digital gold assets that can be transferred between counterparties within the MGX ecosystem and facilitate the transfer of gold, as well as the financing of its production by using it as security to lend against. By trading on MGX, companies can be confident that any physical gold and digital gold assets traded through the spot exchange will meet the highest international standards.

“We are delighted to partner with GMEX to create a fair and secure exchange for ethically sourced gold worldwide. Our mission is to develop a complete and sustainable gold ecosystem and guarantee the origin of all eco-responsible gold as it moves through the entire supply chain. This partnership allows us to offer an efficient and stable means of physical gold exchange within our ecosystem and use technology to combat the risk of today’s volatile cryptocurrency markets,” commented Selim Fendi, Co-Founder and CEO of USAVE.

As part of the agreement, Hirander Misra, Chairman & CEO of GMEX has become a Director of USAVE and commented, “We are very pleased to be working with the USAVE to fully support their ICO and to expand their ecosystem to include a digital gold exchange underpinned by ethically sourced physical gold.” Adding, “As part of our Market Advancement Programme, this project is another example of how we are committed to using the most appropriate business knowledge and technology whether traditional or digitally enabled by blockchain to bring positive change to commodities markets.”

London-based company, GMEX has been recognised at the forefront of UK’s blockchain economy and was recently named as one of the leaders in the implementation of blockchain technology in the All Party Parliamentary Group report on the UK Blockchain industry.


2015 Initiation of the U.SAVE project


June Aurum Monaco Gold Refinery license granted

August Partnership with Brink’s

September R&D I5 Gold/mine traceability


July Partnership with Lloyd’s of London, insurance company

December Vault’s construction planning


February Monaco Refinery officially opens

April Offtake agreement signed to secure gold supply

September Token Sale Event begins


Q1 Partnership with Lloyd’s of London, insurance company

Q4 Monaco Gold Exchange goes live / USAVE Token is officially convertible in physical Gold


Q3 Vault’s construction complete

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