USDQ: A truly decentralized stablecoin

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Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency designed to minimize price volatility. Stablecoin can be pegged to fiat currencies, or traded commodities (such as precious metals or industrial metals).

Most importantly, these tokens offer access to crypto ecosystems that are built on the stability and durability of existing financial systems. This is the basis for the birth of QDAO.

QDAO has created a crypto currency pegged with a USD value called “USDQ”. All USDQ will initially be published in the ethereum blockchain as the standard ERC20 token. The USDQ unit issued for circulation is supported by a ratio of 1/1 that is 1 USDQ equal to 1 USD. USDQ can be used like bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that can be saved, spent or transferred.

By using digital currencies supported by fiat currencies, organizations and individuals can enjoy the benefits of a strong and decentralized exchange of values. This innovative creation of blockchain technology offers a global ledger that is cryptographically safe and audited for its users.

At present, QDAO has issued digital currencies pegged to the value of USD (USDQ) and Korean Won (KRWQ). Other currencies that will soon be supported are Japanese yen (JPYQ), Chinese Yuan (CNYQ), Hong Kong Dollar (HKDQ), and Singapore Dollar (SGDQ).

USDQ provides blockchain benefits, but is supported by traditional currencies. This aims to make USDQ far more stable than other digital currencies.

USDQ Stablecoin features

USDQ is designed based on blockchain technology and provides the most secure and tested public ledger. They focus on creating stable assets that are truly decentralized.

  • Decentralized – All decisions are made by the DAO community.
  • Guaranteed by crypto – There is no more mystery deposit in a private bank account. You can track all transactions in real time.
  • Self-stabilization – In accordance with the decentralized nature, the value of coins cannot fall or take off with large fluctuations. The self-stabilizing algorithm and the market itself will always keep the prices stable.


USDQ Use Cases

USDQ has three possible use cases.

Exchange: USDQ will overcome the problems faced by the Market when it must accept deposits and withdrawals in paper currency, especially when it comes to having a relationship with the payment provider.
Individual: USDQ allows individuals to make secure transactions using USD by eliminating intermediaries, and also eliminating the risks associated with saving fiat funds on the exchange. (USDQ can currently be traded on BTC-Alpha Exchange)
Trade: Using USDQ, traders can price their goods in USD instead of digital currencies such as bitcoin. Digital currencies can be very volatile, so this makes it easier for buyers.

Become part of the initial USDQ miner!

If you are interested in mining USDQ, you need to install Q Box – a neutral network utility. This utility represents a trained network capable of predicting exchange rate behavior based on news analysis, schedules, currency markets.

QBox can be installed on any device. Users can install QBox on the phone, on a tablet, on a laptop. According to the Roadmap, the QBox release is planned for Q1 2020.

Once installed, you will formally play a role in securing the USDQ network. For more details, visit the official website and whitepaper. You can also ask questions in their social media community on Telegram and KakaoTalk.

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