Usechain is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain innovation that ensures greatest insurance when working with the project. Usechain utilizes reflect recognizable proof innovation that makes client approval dependable and secure. The venture utilizes a totally new instrument of agreement randomized proof of work (RPOW)- this gives the stage a high level of assurance and awesome execution.

Individual information will be safely connected to the Internet wallet, which will offer stimulus to the huge scale utilization of blockchain innovation. This will prompt another round of improvement of blockchain innovations. Usechain with its blockchain needs to lessen the cost of DAPP applications and scale their utilization by making DAPP as basic and easy to use as could reasonably be expected. This is important to join the advanced world with the genuine.

USECHAIN is aimed to manufacture advanced decentralized first mirror identity, asset sharing, and self-developing ecosystem community. As the first of its kind to bring mirror identity to blockchain it will also add value to identify which is one of the aims of Usechain.

The building of a new commercial model of blockchain based on MIP and integration of multi-level innovation to help in privacy protection and improve identity trust model. In future Usechain will also support Decentralized Application known as DAPP inclusive financial service. Usechain also aims to use behavioral data generated by people and events to improve the identity-based ecosystem. USECHAIN is a developed blockchain platform which is focused on mirror identity protocol.

Usechain is the first blockchain platform built on mirror identity protocol to integrate with multi-level innovations in technology and structure design. Usechain is set to tackle most issues in online privacy loopholes and also to give its clients full data protection. It uses a feature called Randomized Proof of Work (RPOW), which make it unique from other platforms. Usechain being the first platform to utilize mirror identification technology prevents malware in the course of user authorization which gives users bold mind to save their data with a very highly reliable protection. Usechain is resolved to build up a compelling budgetary environment and additionally different Dapps on the general population chain. We are likewise assembling a mirror character parallel existence where people on the earth can lead to money related and non-monetary exchanges also in reality. The mission of Usechain is to kill monetary boundary to section (e.g. Money Road) and to advance monetary incorporation. Everybody will approach the money related administrations and have the capacity to execute openly in the virtual world moreover actually.


– Privacy-Protection Identity Application

– Hardwear-Based Performance Improvement.

– Boundary-Less Identity Ecosystem.

– Top Business School Supported


Ticker: UST

Token Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum (ETH)

Volume: 20,000,000,000 UST

Finite amount of UST created

No inflation(with bounty comprising 6%)

Softcap: 1350 BTC

Hardcap: 4500 BTC

Accepted coin:  ETH(Ethereum), BTC(Bitcoin)


Maximum token amount for sale: 45%

Community Rewards: 20%

Technical Community Rewards: 15%

Core Team: 15%

Marketing & Partner Support: 5%




2016● Determine identity-based blockchain.● Research on algorithm of identity-based blockchain.● Put forward the concept of identity tokenization.

Q1&Q2 2017● Determine design principles and objectives.● Compile development plan.● Officially launch the Usechain project.

Q3 2017● Design system architecture and basic protocol.● Integrated planning of ecosystem.

Q4 2017● Develop underlying public blockchain.● Cooperate with partners to explore application scenarios.

Q1 2018● Develop fundamental functions of underlying public blockchain.● Develop address-identity mapping system.● Certification Authentication Center Service.

Q2 2018● Develop privacy protection system.● Form core community and achieve 50000+ people.

Q3 2018● Develop software-based RPOW consensus algorithm.● Develop enhanced smart contracts.● Develop TPOS consensus algorithm.● Launch beta version of main chain.● Achieve 100000+ people in the community.● Launch the first DApp.

Q4 2018● Set up sub-chain structure.● Develop cross sub-chain communication.● Build Usechain eco-fund to accelerate ecosystem development.● Develop multi-industry vertical community.

2019● AI system of address behavior analysis.● Develop tokenized multi-node system.● Develop hardware-based RPOW consensus algorithm.● More multi-industry identity-based DApps.● Launch decentralized exchange.

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