Useful Tips to Find Best ICOs that You can Invest In

In recent times, blockchain based crypto mining and investment projects are getting immensely popular in the investment management industry among both the private and institutional investors. Such platforms provide a completely automated, trustworthy, secure and transparent trading environment to investors.

Pieta is also one such solar energy backed crypto mining ecosystem (project) that aims to minimize the high cost and excessive energy consumption in mining operations in an attempt to protect the environment. Pieta also uses the latest X20 hashing algorithm that reduces the energy consumption up to 50 percent in blockchain mining operations. This is important to keep the mining equipment cooler, efficient as well as profit the miners.

Such blockchain projects use Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) at the initial project stages as a means of crowdfunding. Well, you should also know that ICOs are unregulated in many countries due to security concerns. Despite this, ICOs are rapidly becoming popular in crypto space due to the disruptive capabilities of the underlying blockchain or DLT technology projects. Choosing a winning ICO is still an uphill task for investors as nobody knows what will come ahead.

Still, here are some of the key steps that you should follow to find best ICOs that you can invest in:

Search and Verify ICOs on Popular Crypto Forums

You as an investor should always visit the popular crypto forums to get an accurate idea about the crypto and blockchain projects that people are talking and excited about. Reddit, Steamit, and Bitcointalk are some of the popular and active crypto forums to get details about upcoming popular blockchain projects and their ICOs.

Look out for ICO Project Development Team

Before investing in an ICO, the second important thing you should do as an investor is a study about its development team so that you can get an idea about their area expertise, experience, and participation in blockchain community. You should also trace their social media accounts to check any red flags like newly created accounts.

Figure out about the Venture Capital Funding in ICO

You as an investor should also try to communicate with the project development team to get details about any venture capital funding to the project that has been acclaimed already to ensure the credibility of the project. Venture Capitalists (VCs) are experienced investors who have ample knowledge and resources to verify whether the project they invested will succeed or not? It’s not necessary that VCs gets success every time, but you can go with their instincts.

Study the White Paper

Studying and examining the white paper of an ICO project after initial background research is also essential for you as an investor as it contains the essence of the project. If you are a bit unfamiliar with the white paper world, then you should start reading some solid ones like Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper. A typical crypto whitepaper contains sections like the overview, mission, technical description, token information, roadmap, and project team.

Open Source Code based Project

At last, you before investing in a blockchain project ICO should also figure that the project code is working and in an open source mode, This a good sign that developers are worried about the betterment of the project and has enabled the developer community contribution option.


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