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Gooreo is a platform for you that looking for a job. Gooreo has the vision to become the best application for new or youth employment. The application has featured and unique characteristics. The uniqueness will make your application different from other applicants. To fulfill the vision, Gooreo has a mission to help fresh graduate to get an appropriate job which is the same with major. Gooreo help company to find a good employee.

The step to use Gooreo

  1. All user have to register in an account in this platform and then create their best resume
  2. The second step is for the company. They publish job vacancy detail included with the competency that needs according to job vacancy
  3. The job vacancy above, that already prepare with requirements will available for students with the same field in a certain country. The job seeker will be able to apply for the job
  4. After the job seeker applies, the application accepted by the company. All job seeker can use social media to communicate with each other
  5. There will be a certificate or exam for an applicant after they apply, it will produce grade like Excellent, Good, and Average. The exam will available after the job seeker complete the employment in the Gooreo platform


Oreo Coin is used in the Gooreo platform by the user. This token can be used to transaction service. From using it, the job seeker will get the benefit. It will build trust between service provider and service user. Gooreo platform gives the opportunity to build an individual profile. The profile consists of database qualified of people around the world.

The team of Gooreo allocates the token in some way, fifteen percent for management like salaries for the executive team. Forty-five percent for product development. Three percent for a contract with the business owner and the development of a legal contract for service. Twenty-five percent to attract the business owner to make cooperation. The last is twenty percent for operational cost.


Like many companies, Gooreo as the big platform has a future plan to make the platform useful and improve. Gooreo want is a useful platform for company owner and fresh graduate to find a job. So they can get a job easily after using this platform. All job seeker from all country can access it. The use of Gooreo globally is proof that Gooreo has global scale, so marketing strategy is always run to get many users from a different country. Gooreo wants to get good feedback from the job seeker and company because it can build a reputation.

Gooreo is a good platform for a fresh graduate to find a job, on the other hand, the company owner that looking for employment can use Gooreo to find a new employee. Beside find a job or employee, they also can use Oreo coin to do the service so they can get the benefit from this platform. Fresh graduate can build a good resume, and also the company can minimize cost to get a new employee.

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