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Uzoma is a decentralized hotel voucher ecosystem supported by Ethereum Blockchain where people can find special prices for hotel rooms in Bali. Our aim is to make a revolution in the tourism sector by cutting the OTA monopoly path

Uzoma is an ecosystem where everyone can enjoy cheap trips without paying unfair commissions to middlemen who have no added value and also get big discounts on hotels in Bali.

Providing easy solutions, all-in-one to pay for trips using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our mission is to provide a platform that is easy, affordable and safe to pay for flights, hotels, tours and trips in Bali. Our customers like us with low costs, bundling options, and our resale services.

Because of the advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, Uzoma provides rooms, tours and trips on our integrated market for prices 20% lower without affecting profits.

Using blockchain technology, UZOMA will become a global online ticket market. UZOMA is building an online reservation platform based on the decentralized Blockchain Ethereum tool
UZOMA will be the core of the ecosystem. Tourists and traders are provided with peer-to-peer communication, which allows direct transactions with a 0% commission. UZOMA aims to become a travel market throughout the world.
UZOMA acts as a facilitator in transactions between sellers and consumers, presenting a list of hotels, tours or exchange of properties offered on the UZOMA network. The specific benefits provided by UZOMA include:
  • Communication between suppliers and customers
  • Minimum fee for booking transactions
  • Operating costs are significantly lower for all lists
  • Transparent platform and network
  • Operating system security and encryption
  • 0% Organization Reservation Fees for Providers
You can access all top-class services only through the mobile application, without much hassle and waiting to get access to world-class services and facilities. UZOMA with its partners around the world will provide customers with the lowest rates, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, entertainment and adventure sports through desktop applications. desk or cellphone with just a few clicks from the original token.



Uzoma is different from other projects. Our platform not only facilitates payments and financial issues, but uzoma also provides a platform that is needed by our community. We call this platform Uma jobfreelancer. we attribute that there are so many people around us who have the skills but find it hard to find work because of lack of information. For this, Uma jobfreelancer is one of the unique ecosystems in Uzoma



Uzoma will work with several game developers to create a special ecosystem that will increase demand for uzoma tokens on the market.



As a provider of reports on the latest and important events that will be communicated to the public through online media. The Uzoma news portal will provide information about Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Regarding Forex, E-Commerce and related to the business world. Uzoma News’s main goal is to update business media information so that visitors get useful information

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Uzoma will create an ecosystem that will bring small trade in Bali to be marketed internationally. We with a professional team will support and help them so that they can expand their market.

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This is a place for members to get Uzoma tokens for free just by doing a simple task. On this platform members must have a Facebook account, Twitter account, and Instagram account.

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The concept of the UZOMA system is   very different from other projects. The UZOMA platform  not only facilitates payments and financial issues, but also provides a platform that is needed for our community. This team calls this platform  UMA JOBFREELANCER  . The team believes that there are many people around them who have certain skills, but it is difficult to get a good job because of lack of information. For this reason, UMA’s work   is one of the unique ecosystems in  UZOMA  .

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