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Besides, it does not stop the digitalization process of the society and there are also new types of digital crime. Public data provide information about this conflict every day, loss of information, fraud with personal information, securities fraud and false announcements.

A new technique can guarantee failure in battle with these criminal secondary results. This technique – the blockchain, is capable of being one of the most important scientific and technical pillars of today’s society.



V-ID is the best candidate for the Blockchain Validation Platform, which will become the de-facto standard solution for document fraud.

Using the blockchain system developed on the V-ID platform, it provides services that use common and reliable principles to ensure that any digital file can be checked and verified safely and can be known to any publisher. because blockchain does not change and is not transparent during the operation of the platform.

The publishing organization/publisher can register any file through the V-ID verification process. He can take into account the authenticity of the document in a few seconds, very useful in lying, regardless of whether it is genuine or not, and does not require a fee for verification. The V-ID platform does not store copies of the scanned files and therefore easily meets the Data Protection guidelines (GDPR). is very different from the usual large-scale project WIDIDI, V-ID is a unique service with a structured and scalable concept.

The V-ID platform will continue to grow. Over the next 3 years, V-ID will become the market leader in the cryptographic world in the field of protecting files of fraud, as well as SSL for secure and environmentally friendly Internet connections. The V-ID Utility offers specific added value for identifying the issuing organization, storing digital fingerprints in a smart contract, and processing payments for verification.


The technological process of data verification.

The process is as follows: the content creator downloads the digital file to the V-ID platform before sending the data to the receiver, which can eventually see no adjustments were made to the original digital file. The platform itself has many functions, including video content verification, documents related to business and law, diplomas and others. The platform is able to detect any changes in the downloaded file from any user. In the end, the end user is able to verify this by downloading the source material to authenticate the document.



One of the disadvantages of digital digitization of society is the difficulty of fighting digital file fraud. The solution

V-ID is a service that uses blockchain technology to make digital file fraud impossible. V-ID users can be divided into two groups: maker and recipient. When the creator registers files on V-ID, the recipient can verify the authenticity of this file.

The V-ID verification process ensures that the person registering the file actually represents the organization that issued the file. V-ID does not keep a copy of the files being checked and therefore easily meets the recommendations of GDPR.



After checking the file, V-ID creates a scan report. OIC (certificate of information about origin) is offered in PDF format. This certificate contains all information about the issuing party, the file itself and all data blocks, such as the time stamp and proof of existence. Verification verification process can be done in two ways: verification by certified employees of V-ID and self-assessment. For each check, the transaction is done with a V-ID token. Because the data associated with this transaction is in the block chain, the party that validates and the file being checked is completely transparent.

This method allows employees of the publishing organization to check files at any time. V-ID provides the wallet to the issuing organization that contains the V-ID balance token. All publishers and organizational partners will be verified by V-ID.



Sales of V-ID Tokens

The main token of the V-ID platform is the VIDT marker, the ERC-20 standard based on the Ethereum block system. It serves to verify a specific digital document. All data at the end of the test are recorded in the locker can be checked at any time.

Token: VIDT

Standard: ERC20

Presale: September 15, 2018 (First week bonus: 35%)

Main sales: October 15 to December 15, 2018

Total will be issued: 100,000, 000 VIDT

Soft cap: $ 1,000,000

Hard cap: $ 8,000,000

Price of the token: 1 VIDT = $ 0.20

Deposit: ETH


Tokens for the team will be blocked for 5 years. Each year they will receive 20% of the total. This is done to maintain a stable token rate.



Business is vulnerable to fraud in the supply chain. Approximately, each person in his life will lose about 1300 dollars, and businesses – about 16 billion dollars for fraudulent activities every year. Traditional methods are ineffective and take a long time due to the use of human verification methods that are fraudulent.

V-ID is a game changer for operations with enterprises, the V-ID platform will use blockchain technology to stop fraud, allowing publishers to control their data, choosing who to share with, data is stored in an immutable distributed register that is difficult to crack, use and contribute Change, preserving the integrity of the data in the value chain.


For more information :

Website : https://token.v-id.org

Medium : https://medium.com/@pim_vee

Telegram : https://t.me/vidtoken

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/vidtoken

Twitter : https://twitter.com/v_id_blockchain

Github : https://github.com/v-id

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/VIDT/



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