V-ID—A blockhain that’s protection provides to the fraud of file and safe provide protection in th

V-ID—A blockhain that’s protection provides to the fraud of file and safe provide protection in the internet cconnection–


Hi , Article lovers, nice to see you again,How Are You Today ?? Fine rights ? like a usually on this time I will tell you about the new project that have been present in the middle of crowded the crypto world connoisseurs . oke,, and no need long one anymore…have been present,,name of this project are….V-ID Platform

On the pereod more advanced technology like its now and also follow up too by the people needs of understand about the needs to investation .so this project come to be your choice for investation or doing the process of sell and buy , with to many excellence and excess I hope you can participated too later..
let’s find know together about this project more !!!!.

V-ID Platform is The goal of the V-ID project is to all forms of fraud files end in all fields . such as education,medical,research,and medical. And based from Airbus Space & Defence experienced then avoid any form of fraud file is something that it is to avoid such things desirable. V-ID Product is very useful to the fraud of files the protect that’s are needed in the Company of management because by using the V-ID Product the user can check the authenticity at any time and in a seconds of matter. Much Of various media is promoted V-ID in order to to introduce V-ID in the community, and users specialy who require protection and to avoid fraud of this file, As the service of V-ID will become an established name with brand recognition. And LocationFor the moment V-ID active users (paying customers) in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the Uk. And V-ID has the ambition to expand again the list of users from various of countries who know good of V-ID Platform. By the using of Value Network software Token ,that’s can be used online (human interface) and will be expanded with a wide range of applications, white label widgets and SOAP and REST Api. And by the sake of the V-ID implementation to successful running V-ID Platform has started the process of selling Tokens,as the funding and to promote the Public Sale.
So,,Participate in the Token Sale is ongoing currently, With the application of ERC20 token used to identify the address of the wallet (the issuer / validate-party) and is used as a payment per validation, you definitely get the token V-ID with the discounts that’s has been created in the regulations set.


Q2 2017
–Working prototype V-ID terminal

Q3 2017
–USER TESTS ,first V-ID beta users and pen-test

Q4 2017
–V-ID’s first real users
www.v-id.org | V-ID © 2018

Q1 2018
–LIVE ,soft launch V-ID.org

Q2 2018
–EARLY ADOPTERS ,soft launch V-ID token
representative early adopters in different sectors
–3 to 6 organizations using V-ID to
validate documents Private Sale

Q3 2018
–Token Sale website live
–Token platform live (overview and token
–partnerships with exchanges

Q4 2018
–ad campaign 10 organizations using V-ID to ,validate documents online ad-campaign (exchanges,
news websites, magazines, social media)

–V-ID app go public first exchanges

Q2 2019
–soft launch API’s
–soft launch Wallet
–tradeable on larger exchanges

Q4 2019
over 30 customers 200.000 documents per year international brand recognition 38

Q1 2019
-+V-ID app go public first exchanges

Q3 2019
–API’s live white label widgets live
–B2C Validation


All right… up here for an explanation about this project from me…And I hope you like it to reading..thank’s

Token Sale V-ID : https://token.v-id.org
Wnitepaper :  https: // token.v-id.org/whitepaper Platform
V-ID: https://www.v-id.org
Twitter : https://twitter.com/v_id_blockchain
Media : https://medium.com/@pim_vee
Telegram : https://t.me/vidtoken
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/v-id/
YouTube : https://youtube.com/watch?v=w32irl45VkU
CryptoCompare : https: // www. cryptocompare.com/coins/vidt/overview
V-ID bounty campaign : https://bounty.v-id.org

WRITER : lemplong

BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1310212

ETH ADDRESS : 0xF3B30672E2729a61c0e77787a6df120eb83A9cb4


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