On daily basis, E-commerce is gaining global significant. It is a global action adding up to trillions of dollars of trade. Middle class spending will triple by 2030 the sharing economy could top $300 billion by 2025 more than 1.4 billion people purchased an item or service online in 2017; the gross aggregate value of B2B e-commerce topped $20 trillion the same year. To make this convince for the users, we introduce the platform called VANIG. With Vanig, we are addressing a global market with potential outreach to emerging and established economies.

Vanig is an integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain Ecosystem that is powered by the blockchain. Supply Chain has not evolved quick enough in the present E-Commerce age. Vanig means to solve that by addressing some of the huge issues tormenting Supply Chain for the manufacturers and sellers, and furthermore equally vital is Vanig’s
Vaning is an E-commerce platform that will be a genuinely rewarding shopping experience for customers, as they will get great item selection, real reviews, save money, get rewarded, have access to item provenance data and track and trace, making shopping reliable once more. Item price, following, reviews are among the main 5 influencers of item purchase today based on an investigation. Vanig is addressing the greater part of that and more with our Vanig E-Commerce platform.
Prior to the development of Vanig, Supply chains and E-commerce experience the following inefficiencies and weaknesses;
□Absence of transparent and completely visible supply chains
□Static or non-existent inventory management
□Inefficient following of item or services
□Absence of full perceivability for an end-to-end customer journey
□Replenish inventory challenges
□Operating in a global ecosystem
□Authenticity and reviews
With Vanig platform, the problems outlined above are addressed utilizing the latest in Blockchain technology and the Vanig Solution.

Our recommendation is drawn from years of experience and exposure to large scale e-commerce systems, running and keeping up global supply chains and expertise with distributed ledger technology, otherwise called blockchain technology.
》Vanig addresses several noteworthy Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, giving a higher level of brand experience.
》Vanig’s Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain technology utilizing HyperLedger’s Sawtooth technology.
》Vanig simplifies the Supply Chain process, eliminating intermediaries, reducing rubbing and manual processes as it ushers in a new level of transparency.
》Vanig provides provenance data on top items enabling customers to confide in the items that they are purchasing.
》The Vanig E-Commerce platform is secure, has curated and discounted items, has a great rewards system and is user-friendly, benefiting all members of the ecosystem and it permits cryptocurrency payments.

》Vanig uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make advertising effective, to certify sellers and provide a customized shopping experience for the buyers.

》Vanig Rewards – Vanig is creating a rewards application and website that will payout buyers that use the Rewards application in Vanig tokens. The rewards will be higher than other leading reward programs as we pass on the entire affiliate commission over to the consumer.

The Vanig arrangement uses blockchain technology to offer the world’s initially integrated e-commerce platform with supply chain. The integration of e-commerce and supply chain makes Vanig unique. We target the inefficiencies of modern e-commerce and supply chains and will utilize savvy contracts and the reputable ledger of a blockchain. At its core, we have a proven blockchain technology that has been developed by the world’s largest blockchain technology consortium, Hyperledger.

The Vanig ecosystem is hearty, scalable, permission-based decentralized blockchain. This representation below indicates how different members in the Vanig Ecosystem interact with each other utilizing Smart Contracts.

Vanig Process Flow
☆Consumer places an order utilizing the Vanig Website or Vanig Mobile App.
☆Keen contract #1 gets written consequently and captures the details of the order between the consumer and Vanig and is stored in Vanig’s blockchain ecosystem.
☆Manufacturer/retailer delivers the item from their area which triggers another Smart contract #2 between the manufacturer and its dispersion agent.
☆Circulation agent grabs the order from manufacturer and delivers it to the consumer.
☆Delivery acknowledgment from the Consumer will trigger another Smart contract #3 between the circulation agent and the consumer.
☆At last, Smart contract #4 is created to capture the exchange ledger between the wholesaler and the manufacturer.


♢Competitive Pricing
♢Authentic Reviews
♢Shorter recall process
♢Real-time following
♢Demand/Supply equilibrium
♢Easy Product Listings
♢Multi-party contracts
♢Real time exchanges


Vanig makes the process of finding and picking items for ordering convenient and simple on the Vanig platform, all items traded on the Vanig platform are defined by detailed parameters, for example, the name, description, price, volume, category assignment etc. which indexes the item and speeds searches.

There are varieties of items listed on the Vanig platform and consumers choose the type of items to purchase, select the details of delivery, and pay in ethereum (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), fiat, or Vanig tokens (VANIG). Vanig has the item posting and customer reviews as a feature of the data registered on the blockchain which will enable a more trusted exchanging environment.

Vanig is a yearning project meaning to revolutionize the universe of e-commerce with a vigorous supply chain emotionally supportive network. Vanig is directing a token sale to permit stakeholders and become some portion of the Vanig ecosystem.

Every single token buyer and givers will receive ERC20 exchangeable Vanig tokens on the Ethereum network. The ERC20 token is accepted for exchange to a new token on a one to one premise with the VANIG token. The Vanig token is a core component of the Vanig ecosystem and is designed to facilitate a wide variety of operations that make the token an integral piece of the ecosystem and the driver for its economy. It is partially divisible, transferable and fungible.

We constructed Vanig, the world’s initially integrated supply chain e-commerce ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. Vanig is set to change the universe of supply chains and e-commerce by improving processes, creating transparency, reducing costs and eliminating intermediaries, or more all giving customers a very dependable shopping experience.

We are integrating and operating with significant e-commerce stores and platforms. We are integrating and connecting to significant supply chains and bring installed manufacturers, wholesalers, dispersion, and retailers.

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