the first distributed system for celebrity campaigns to social networks


VANM  is a unique search engine for products and services that compares local ad requests and offers with nearby users online. The blockchain technology is   used for the distribution of advertising revenue among users. The VANM  advertising  platform  is a mobile application that enhances aspects such as: feedback, which is focused on the income algorithm. This mobile application is free for consumers, because unacceptable or illegal content will be banned on the VANM platform   .

VANM  is the first distributed system for detecting, launching and analyzing advertising campaigns, from celebrities to social networks, based  on blockchain technology. VM  brings marketing activities between brands and bloggers to reduce costs for all parties involved.

VANM  creates a healthy system where celebrities can easily access funds to create high-quality content, advertisers have access to a large amount of information. More relevant and effective to attract consumers to have access to the high-quality content they want.’s goal is to build a healthy ecosystem where celebrities can easily access funds to create high-quality content, advertisers have access to a wealth of information. More relevant and effective to attract consumers and consumers, will have access to the high-quality content they want. from Digital Marketing
As the amount of online time worldwide increases, advertising campaigns continue to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Along with the development of online networks, it will be difficult to find an advertising approach that can attract the attention of the audience. In recent years, companies and organizations have found that communication through Influence Marketing people (Influencers Marketing) is the most potential and profitable strategy.
Traditional digital advertising has lost its edge. Pop-ups are largely ignored or blocked by consumers.
Effective digital advertising is not affordable and ineffective for small businesses to reach local focus groups.
The local retail market is getting tighter through competition from e-commerce platforms.
Users get access to search engines for offers, events and local offers on demand in real-time.
50% of ad revenue is shared with users.
Local markets can claim customer awareness through targeted advertising below market costs.
Local markets are strengthened through more customer awareness.
User data is anonymized and only evaluated with an agreement on appropriate remuneration.
Users: receive advertisements that match their interests from local providers and a portion of advertising revenue in the form of VANM tokens.
VANM tokens can be used to pay for goods and services.
Advertisers: get the opportunity to place effective local ads at a reasonable cost.
By receiving VANM tokens as a payment tool, providers can gain competitive advantages and upload more content.
Social Media Artists: can use their talents and build communities by creating advertisements for local vendors.
Advertisers, in turn, benefit from the artist community and related higher reach.

Benefits of the VANM Decentralization Platform

  • Allows reasonable expenses for local advertising to help small businesses with high exposure to potential customers.
  • giving everyone access to unlimited p2p advertising networks, increasing market awareness for business models that were not previously advertised
  • allows businesses to benefit from smart algorithms that can link the pattern of purchasing potential customers with their respective local tenders, while still respecting user privacy.
  • give customers full credit for their exposure to personalized advertising while maintaining user privacy and user data integrity
  • Fast transactions and transparency because it uses blockchain technology

VANM Project Facilities

Mobile Wallet –    Mobile VANM Wallet will integrate seamlessly in the VANM application and function automatically receives gifts for advertising mining and for transferring tokens in general practice using a QR code to receive additional addresses.
VANM Tokens –    VANM tokens can be used for goods and services can be a unique proposition to attract new customers. each ad must notify the user if a VANM token is received.
Social Hub –   Users can use this facility to connect between users and share advertising content with others. this makes it possible to get incentives other than individual prizes and mining.

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