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Greetings to all the cryptocurrency lovers we love so much, this time we participated in a very promising project in our business in creating a healthy ecosystem where celebrities can easily access funds to create high-quality content, VANM  is a local search engine for products and services that match real-time ad offers and requests with nearby users. The blockchain technology will be used in VANM to distribute advertising revenue among users. With, it will create an advertising platform that is 100% safe and transparent, limits advertising fraud, and creates advertising opportunities for thousands of influential people and brands around the world.’s goal is to build a healthy ecosystem where celebrities can easily access funds to create high-quality content, advertisers have access to a wealth of information. More relevant and effective to attract consumers and consumers, will have access to the high-quality content they want.

VANM Project Facilities

Mobile Wallet – The  Mobile VANM Wallet will integrate seamlessly in the VANM application and function automatically receives rewards for advertising mining and for transferring tokens in common practice using a QR code to receive additional addresses.
VANM Token –  VANM tokens can be used for goods and services can be a unique proposition to attract new customers. each ad must notify the user if a VANM token is received.
Social Hub –  Users can use this facility to connect between users and share advertising content with other people. this makes it possible to get incentives other than every individual gift and mining.

The problem

We are at a time when traditional digital advertising lost many benefits. Ads with pop-up notifications are largely ignored by consumers. Effective digital advertising is inaccessible and ineffective for small businesses to reach local user focus groups. In addition, the local retail market strengthened through e-commerce platform competition.

This trend limits local competition and has the potential to accelerate unemployment in a centralized market.

The solution

Through the VANM ecosystem, users have access to search engines for local offers, events, and offers on demand,   all in real time  . Let’s see what are the main features:
  • Subdivision of 50% of ad revenue among all users.
  • Local markets can claim customer awareness through targeted advertising below market costs.
  • Local markets are strengthened through greater customer awareness.
  • User data is given anonymously and evaluated only with an agreement on appropriate remuneration.
There are 3 main players on the VANM platform. Let us analyze in detail.
The user  . He receives advertisements that are in accordance with his interests from various local suppliers and a portion of the advertising revenue in the form of VANM tokens. The latter can be used to pay for goods and services on the platform.
Advertiser  . This has the opportunity to place effective local advertisements at a reasonable cost. By receiving VANM tokens as a payment tool, suppliers can gain competitive advantage and load more content.
Social Media Artists.  He can use his talent to build communities by creating advertisements for local sellers.

Token Detail

Local ads will be an interesting guide and help in finding local offers and entertainment on demand. The local economy will be strengthened through increasing customer awareness. VANM services allow reasonable expenditure for local advertising which will help even small businesses establish contact with potential customers.
The company’s revenue model will be generated through the purchase of limited advertising contract applications in total view and share. However the opinion model will have an effective impact on the voltage token on the market.



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