VANM – Viral Advertising Network Mining

VANM is a local product and service search engine that compares the supply and demand of local advertisements with nearby users in real time. Blockchain technology is used to distribute advertising revenue among users.
Local advertising will be an attractive and helpful guide to finding local services and entertainment on demand. The local economy is strengthened by increased customer awareness. VANM services enable reasonable spend on local advertising to help small businesses connect with potential customers. We preserve the attractiveness of the cities in which we live. Customers are paid for their advertising, feedback, and sharing while keeping their private information secure.
Vision’s goal is to establish a healthy ecosystem in which celebrities can easily access funding to create high quality content, advertisers have access to a wealth of information. More relevant and effective to attract consumers and consumers, will have access to the high quality content they desire. of Digital Marketing
As the amount of online time worldwide increases, advertising campaigns continue to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Along with the development of online networks, it will be difficult to find an advertising approach that can attract the audience’s attention. In the past few years, companies and organizations have discovered that communications through Influence Marketing people (Influencers Marketing) are the most potential and profitable strategies.
Traditional digital advertising has lost its edge. Pop-up ads get largely ignored or blocked by consumers.
Effective digital advertising is unaffordable and ineffective for small businesses to reach local focus groups.
Local retail markets are tightening up through competition from e-commerce platforms.
Users get access to a search engine for local deals, events and offers on-demand in real-time.
50% of the advertising revenue is shared with the users.
Local markets can claim customer awareness through targeted ads below market costs.
Local markets are strengthened through more customer awareness.
User data is anonymized and only evaluated with consent against appropriate remuneration.
User : receive ads corresponding to their interests from local providers and a portion of the advertising revenue in the form of VANM tokens.
VANM tokens can be used to pay for goods and services.
Advertisers : get the opportunity to place effective local ads at reasonable costs.
By accepting VANM tokens as a means of payment, providers can gain a competitive advantage and upload more content.
Social Media Artists : can use their talent and build a community by creating ads for local vendors.
Advertisers, in turn, benefit from the artist’s community and the associated higher reach.
Information VANM ICO
Token: VANM
PreICO Price: 1 VANM = 0.00038 ETH
Price: 1 VANM = 0.0005 ETH
Bonus: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Hard cap: 64350 ETH
Country: Germany
Bitcointalk username : Driean
Fropil link :;u=545651

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