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The Problem

Technology has had a major influence on human life, as in social life. In the past, to communicate with one another, people made paintings in a cave, then by telephone, and now we can talk to each other, see face and gestures, all in real time via a smartphone by using the feature of the messaging application, video call.

Video call is one of many examples of the use of real-time networking technology. We can find this technology in everyday life such as online education, file sharing, playing games, and more. This technology is a demand for human needs due to the increase in devices connected to the internet and the need for real-time data exchange. This need is expected to continue to increase in the future and will bring some new problems.

At present, many companies use centralized services for data storage and processing. As a result, if data becomes more numerous, data transfer will become inefficient, consume more costs for processing and storing data, and increase the cost of using services. In addition, centralized services lack trust, transparency and potentially be attacked by hackers which cause data leaks and other privacy issues. To overcome these problems, the world needs a decentralized network for real-time networking that is not owned or controlled by anyone and can be used by companies.

The Solution

Vanta is a decentralized network that connects individuals, organizations and devices in real-time, secure, and private by creating competitive systems that instantly configure networks. Vanta allows anyone to quickly develop services that can efficiently transmit, process real-time data, and commercialize the service at low-cost.

Vanta built intelligent networks to decentralize real-time networks by creating competitive systems based on resources such as computing power, network bandwidth, memory, and reliability. Vanta allows nodes to compete with each other and execute jobs such as transmission, storage, and data processing operations accurately and reliably. A node not only receives compensation from how much job is processed but also increases the chances of being a block proposer. To ensure processing of the job, Vanta uses a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to enforce randomness during the selection of all nodes. Here is briefly how intelligent networks work:

  1. The client or referred to as the requester requests job to the network.
  2. The job is received by a node or referred to as a job tracker, will verify, broadcast job requests, and manage selected nodes to process the job.
  3. The worker node performs the job sent by the job tracker. The primary worker node executes the job as soon as processing work begins. If the primary worker node experiences a problem during processing job, the secondary worker node takes over the job.
  4. Verifier node verifies if the worker node has been correctly selected and performed the job correctly.

Vanta Consensus Algorithm

Vanta has created a new consensus algorithm, PoN-VRBFT. PoN-VRBFT is a combination of Proof of Networking (PoN), Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), and Verifiable Random Functions (VRF). In PoN, nodes prove the workload to be able to participate in the consensus round. If a node has processed more jobs with a higher value, the node is more likely to be selected as a block proposer by the VRBFT process.

Benefits of Vanta

  1. Developer

Developers can develop and operate real-time network services at a low-cost, without developing from scratch or building separate servers, which scalable, stable, and secure.

  1. End-user

Users can easily create new accounts at any time without separate subscription procedure or authentication. Users benefit from lower service fees without privacy issues because all data is encrypted and transmitted between peers.

  1. Organization

Vanta can be used by organizations such as government, business, and schools to build their own telecommunications networks quickly and cost-effectively without the need for separate servers or infrastructure.

Vanta Token

Symbol Token: VNT

Total tokens: 56.2 billion tokens

1 VNT = 0,00088 USD

Vanta Team

Vanta Roadmap

The token sale is LIVE. For more information, visit and read the whitepaper.


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