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VANTA aims are the entire world’s very first decentralized system that makes it possible for quick and very low priced creation and performance of all services which offer boundless connectivity. Back in VANTA, engaging nodes may contend to donate to join, transmit and process info in realtime around the system and this can offer a cheap and extremely available network that is smart. By blending this aggressive platform using verifiable randomness, VANTA may incorporate a consensus plan which increases scalability and efficacy.

The demand for real-time connection between folks or apparatus is rising exponentially. A decentralized system which allows unlimited connectivity having a guarantee of solitude is also crucial.VANTA will make an effort to give methods to our own regular issues. It’ll soon be optimized for real-time data broadcasts to present boundless connectivity amongst most folks, apparatus, and info, generating various opportunities for organizations.

For programmers Build and function a real-time communicating service that’s scalable, dependable, and thoroughly safe at a reduced price. For the end, users Utilize several high-quality services almost free from fee without fretting about solitude. For associations Construct a blockchain-based social network between numerous associations.

VANTA’s clever community can be a decentralized system which manages real-time transmission, processing storage, and storage of information. It’s constituted of nodes which decide on, collaborate, and even appraise each other. Every one of the nodes from the system engages in real-time communicating work contest predicated in their own calculating capacity, network bandwidth, memory and dependability, and participation. And also the nodes who’ve proved their own job may engage in obstructing creation. This procedure gradually increases the scalability, dependability, and efficacy of this system.

The VANTA Networking framework is actually a noninvasive, in-blockchain social networking platform which gives the most media operation for real-time communicating whilst procuring data towards malicious strikes. Built about the PGP security benchmark and motivated from Namecoin’s de-centralized namespaces version, this frame stipulates a brand new groundwork for VANTA software. In addition, authentication and communicating station calculations predicated on zero-knowledge evidence empowers secure info integration and syncing over multiple apparatus.

Token Sale Event

#1. Public Sale Contribution Ranking Award

– 1st Place :30,000,000 VNT

– 2nd Place :15,000,000 VNT

– 3rd Place :7,000,000 VNT

#2. Lucky 7 Draw

– If the last digit of the contribution rank ends with “7”, 200,000 VNT tokens will be awarded. Ex) 7th, 17th, 27th, etc.

Token Sale Instruction

1. Apply for KYC/AML

2. Send ETH to the VANTA ETH wallet below

3. Receive the KYC/AML verification email

KYC/AML will be processed within an hour

*VNT tokens will be distributed after the current public sale.

*In the case your KYC/AML is not approved, your ETH contribution will be refunded back to your original ETH address.


2018 Q2

Ideation / VANTA


2018 Q3

VANTA Architecture and

Consensus Algorithm Design

2018 Q4

Website launch,

White paper release,

private ICO

2019 Q1

Technical paper release,

The ARKAS protocol development

2019 Q2

The VANTA Testnet

2019 Q3

The VANTA Mainnet,

VNT Native Token Swap

2019 Q4

dApp Incubation & Developer

Community Expansion



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