Vantum Networks with Blockchain

What is Vantum?

Vantum is a chain of ethash algorithms, which takes all ethereum and optimizes features for practical mainstream adoption and everyday use. Vantum’s goal is not only to create a better cryptocurrency, but to make a more useful blockchain that   developers can use to build applications that bridge the gap between mainstream and cryptocurrency fiat transactions that are faster, safer,.

Vantum blockchain feature:

  • fiat-relay smart contract that allows crypto-fiat transactions without trust
  • masternodes service to produce highly scalable, high-throughput applications.
  • public storage uses IPFS for file storage and public content
  • web3 mobile browser integration
  • ANS (Address Name Service) that allows custom domain names to

This list will continue to  evolve  in line with the growth of the network, and will always do so by  one  –  the only  goal of the integration of the mainstream, in mind.

Address Name Service ensures that you control your digital identity, with a human-readable wallet address.


dApps, built on the Vantum chain, displays unmatched security, avoiding a single-point-failure system for data storage

dApps, built on the Vantum chain, displays unmatched security, avoiding a single-point-failure system for storing data and content

By storing content and files on the network, the developer has all the tools needed to create interesting & user-friendly applications

SmartContracts Fiat-Relay bridges the gap between crypto & fiat by allowing users to carry out transactions in crypto and automatically exchange fiat without the need for crypto exchange.

Fiat-Relay Smart Contract

Fiat is believed by the masses to be more stable, safer, and easier

used. Thus, fiat is considered more valuable. When it comes to adoption,

usage and volume, perception is very important. For this reason we believe it is a bad decision to work against fiat currencies, and have dedicated this chain to building crypto-fiat integration to work free for fiat, not competing.

Fiat Relay is an initiative designed to provide automated solutions for smart contracts that are on the Vantum Blockchain to immediately exchange crypto-to-fiat without the need for users to become existing Crypto-Exchange clients. It also eliminates any manual action from the recipient to receive the amount of payment in fiat currency, provided all payment information is mandatory and must be available for the Fiat-Relay Smart Contract.

Sales Token

Pre-sale tokens will start at 7.20.2018. ICO starts on 09.01.2018 and will run until 11.01.2018.


July 20, 2018

40 days

70% bonus

1 ETH = 2000VNT


August 15, 2018

15 days

30% Bonus

1ETH = 800VNT


September 1, 2018

60 days

HardCap = 4100ETH

1ETH = 600VNT

Join List

Our Pre-Sales

Pre-Sales Starting on July 20 2018


  • TokenVNT symbol
  • Token Sale Starting July 20 2018
  • Token Sales End October 30 2018
  • Tokens for sale 2,500,000
  • Price of Token.00166 ETH
  • Max supply of 21,000,000
  • Pre-Sales Duration40 days

Token Allocation

6.25% Bounty

6.25% Reference

12.5% ​​Team & Advisor

12.5% ​​of the Reserve Fund

12.5% ​​Pre-Sales

Sales50% Token

Operation Allocation

13% Admin & Ops

17% Legal & Advisory

25% Marketing & Sales

Road Map


Website Development of the Whitepaper Release Pre-Sale & ICO Coin Distribution


Mining Mining First Exchange Register Announcement Service Masternode DApps Implementation Partnership first started developing Web Wallet Development (VantX)

Q1 ’19

Web3 Mobile Browser Vantum dApp store POS API Development White list traders open for registration

Q2 ’19

Integration of VantX POS VantX Mob API

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