Varyon (VAR) 

Varyon (VAR) 

General Purpose Payout Token For Exchange Of Goods And Services In The Blue Frontiers Ecosystem

Varyon (VAR) is a general purpose payment token for the exchange of goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between token holders. Blue Frontiers plans to use the proceeds to expand its ecosystem and create SeaZones and seastead, and will only accept Varyon (VAR) for its products and services.
We work on:
Social innovation
Governance affects every aspect of our lives, and people’s innovation is not in line with technological innovation, leaving behind most of the lasting discontent that disagrees not only on what to try but also on goals.
Solution: we secure a special legal framework from partner governments to enable social experimentation that is decentralized and self-sufficient by our customers.
Making land
Dense urban environments need to safely and sustainably expand into water, and millions of people around the world are severely affected by today’s rising sea levels, with more being paralyzed by it tomorrow.
Solutions: Better and cheaper floating technologies, and new sustainability practices, will enable us to reduce the effect by embracing the oceans instead.
Seasteads are permanent settlements on floating structures, designed by Blue Frontiers to be environmentally responsible, with great autonomy negotiated with the host government.
Why float?
New land
Coastal land is scarce in many places and increasingly scarce. Fortunately, we can build more!
On the water
Offshore it is a tsunami proof, and that is evidence of sea level rise anywhere. That will help.
Pieces of real estate can be moved around and away, release, reassemble, and drift. We call it “dynamic geography”.
Any part of the floating ground can be under its own regulatory framework, allowing for flexible and reconfigible parallel experiments.
But what about …
It varies based on their design and location. In some places it can be more expensive than land-based real estate. In other it can already be cheaper. Affordability is only getting better, everywhere. There is one for most budgets.
Our first design is meant to get out of the path of the storm, but we will be working on the design of new storm evidence. The wind is relatively easier to design, these are the resulting waves that we have to design the most for.
We have designs intended for protected and calm waters, as well as designs for the open ocean. We can already design for safety and comfort in most environments, and the main difference is the cost of the structure.
We have developed a comprehensive environmental framework from our team’s experience with how floating structures interact with the environment. We tailor it to the unique ecosystem of each location to ensure a neutral to positive influence.
Hijacking is just a real problem in some areas we will not do. Ordinary crimes can generally be handled by some combination of onboard security and government forces, widely depending on location and on-site agreement.
Responsible for the environment
We all share an ocean of outer space, and Blue Frontiers is committed to making sure it remains a fun place for all. Environmental extremities must be accounted for and new technologies make the choice of being easy and clear responsible.
Remembering others
We care how we influence others. Whether it’s our customers or other communities we interact with. We put ourselves in their position to forge a mutually beneficial relationship.
Ideologically neutral
We leave it to our customers to try what they think works best to achieve the things that matter most to them. We just set the stage for people to have the flexibility to try their innovative ideas from across the ideological spectrum.
Presale is available today for the first 4000 ETH with 15% bonus.
Public sale will take place in June. There will be no bonus in public sale.
1 ETH = 14,750 VAR
4-28% * General sales
7-8% Presale
5-6% Funding of Blue Frontiers seeds
10-15% Blue Frontiers Team
45-72% Construction Seastead / SeaZone, Development, Administration
* The number of Varyon (VAR) allocated to Seastead / SeaZone Construction, Development, Administration is inversely proportional to the amount purchased in the public sale. That is, the more Varyon (VAR) sold in public sales, the less Varyon (VAR) owned for Seastead / SeaZone Construction, Development, Administration.
Blue Frontiers plans to create a first seastead prototype with funds collected from Varyon (VAR) Crowdsale, and to finance additional seastead through sales. The Varyon (VAR) Blue Frontiers holds for Seastead and SeaZone Construction, Development, and Administration will be used only as needed, in order to create Seasteads and SeaZones and to strengthen the ecosystem of products and services available to Varyon holders (VAR).
4,000 ETH A soft hat
22.000 ETH Hard hat
Use of Results
Funds collected from crowdsale will be used to carry out the Blue Frontiers mission. The proceeds from token sales are expected to be shared among the following activities:
* Design & Engineering
* SeaZone Legal & Administration
* Community growth
* General Administration
The company behind Varyon
Blue Frontiers, Pte. Ltd. (Blue Frontiers) was founded by the executive team and ambassadors of The Seasteading Institute. The cumulative experience and knowledge of our team, network, government and media relationships make us the most suitable company to deliver the shipping era. We have taken an ambitious long-term vision and built pragmatic steps toward the development of the first person.
2017 Q1
Historical agreement
Sign MOU with French Polynesia; launches Blue Frontiers; researcher conducted Floating Island Research: Science & Technology Meeting at UC Berkeley Gump Station on Moorea Island. Co-hosts the first international gathering gathering in Tahiti. Conduct significant economic, legal and environmental research; developing new seastead design; build a global team.
2018 Q1
Launches Global Frontier & Blue Frontiers Blue Community.
2018 Q2
Launch Varyon (VAR).
2018 Q2-Q4
SeaZone Acquisition
Get SeaZone from host country; continue negotiations for additional SeaZones; engineer and sea blueprint design.
2019 Q1 / Q2
Prototype, test, assessment
Prototype seasteads; wave model testing; manufacturers and supply chain assessment.
2019 Q3 / Q4
Selection of producer and construction team. Construction / manufacturing begins.
Seastead first deployed.
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