VEIAG- Sustaining Global Growth through Blockchain Technology

Project overview

Wow, this is awesome, this is superb. Let’s welcome you to a platform built on a commitment to the principles of Transparency, Performance, integrity, and sustainable growth Veiag Global Organization, is created for the advancement and execution of significant worth arranged ventures extends everywhere throughout the world. Veiag isn’t only a system of business project, it is a worldwide activity intended to move societal activity in making conditions where people can participate in commitment to practical improvement objectives.

Veiag will fill in as an impetus for organizations to flourish through creative arrangements, improvement of worldwide situated and upheld esteem arranged tasks in creating locales.

Today, the world faces real difficulties in drug, horticulture, and other famous sections. Numerous promising thoughts can’t be acknowledged – individuals would prefer not to associate with little players, incline toward substantial organizations. The decentralized Veiag stage will be a really one of a kind venture – here everybody will have the capacity to exhibit their own particular program that empowers taking care of one of the issues that exist in various fragments of human life.

Maintainable financial development gives the establishment and fundamental assets for networks to create and flourish, and for individuals to address their issues and seek after their yearnings. It empowers neediness annihilation and monetary strengthening, progresses ecological stewardship; and adds to settling the worldwide difficulties featured by the UN reasonable advancement objectives. At the focal point of financial development are constantly creative and dependable organizations working inside solid, forward-looking administration.

To date, very nearly 30% of the world’s wellbeing spending is in creating nations and this rate is on the ascent. Be that as it may, over 95% of therapeutic gear is foreign. There is generally no neighborhood generation, and when there is, controlled by multinational organizations, regularly for send out.

We trust that the way to settling this issue is in a key way to deal with financing and planning nearby framework went for giving privately delivered and practical answers for determination or treatment of different restorative conditions.

Veiag will reinforce its production network to distinguish future business openings, increment social obligation, to increase the value of venture manageability and to extend token holder connections through straightforward and moral advantages. On account of a brilliant get, any collaboration between clients will be settled in the chain – this enables you to agree to the terms of participation and make exchanges that are totally secure and quick.

Veiag will give token holders with genuine physical qualities in their possession title, capabilitally making security levels never happen already.

veiag will present supportable pay incomes for token holders by 25% of the authoritative advantages, which are from the system of our feasible improvement venture, into the transformation of gold coal.

Why Veiag is Unique from other ICOs

As an Active Participant of  UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT  (  HTTPS://WWW.UNGLOBALCOMPACT.ORG/WHAT-IS-GC/PARTICIPANTS/132407 ), The UN Costs for Sustainable Development Objectives will be the Basic Element of all VEIAG Business Models. with this Goal lined up with Our Goals, Vision and Organizational Infrastructure, VEIAG will Stand in the Front Line of the CHG SDG Movement as the Only Organization of CRYPTOCURRENCY Specially Designed Around Its Principles.

Distribution Token

  • TIM 10.00%
  • FOUNDER 10.00%
  • 10.00% PRE-ICO SALES
  • 40.00% of ICO SALES

Allocation Of Funds

0.70% assessment of virtual professors and members filtration

1.30% marketing & public relation campaigns

1.70% launch of virtual academy

3.00% extended employee team and overhead

3.10% board of financial advisors and lawyers

4.20% assessment of upcoming network of sustainable business projects

4.70% reserve funds

7.00% purchase of land and construction of research institute

10.30% purchase of land and construction of headquarters

25.00% bullion(gold) backing of v.e.i.a.g. token

39.00% first implementation of business projects

Project RoadMap

The Project Team

The VEIAG project comprises of a Team of professionals who have full understanding of the Objective and the Roadmap of the project  and they for sure has the required experiences (in cryptocurrencies, medical, blockchain technology, transaction processes and governance) to make the project not just a reality, but a success .

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