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With Zerocoin convention, RingCT, Dandelion, Bulletproofs, and other imaginative features, VEIL expects to offer the most private and easy to understand/use digital currency.

Contrasted with other privacy coins, VEIL offers a remarkable dimension of dependably on privacy and secrecy. With VEIL, you never need to stress over unintentionally making a non-private exchange. Moreover, in light of a legitimate concern for long haul suitability, the VEIL network is intended to give financing to its continuous tasks just as preceded with innovative work in the fields of cryptography and blockchain advancements.


VEIL is based over Augur, the main forecast market convention on Ethereum. Augur is the most energizing and advanced arrangement of keen contracts being utilized today. Augur gives anybody a chance to make, exchange, and report on forecast markets.

VEIL is intended to bring Augur standard. All markets recorded on VEIL are spoken to as Augur markets on Ethereum, and this enlarged the Augur involvement in two important ways:

  • VEIL MAKES TRADING FASTER AND CHEAPER: Ethereum exchanges are moderate, so we’ve utilized the 0x convention to accelerate exchanging and limit the quantity of exchanges you have to send. VEIL request creation and scratch-off occurs off-chain, and Veil pays gas to persevere exchanges to Ethereum.
  • VEIL HELPS YOU GET PAID FASTER: Augur’s decentralized oracle framework guarantees markets are settled accurately, and it’s an essential segment of a trustless network. Be that as it may, the finish procedure can take a long time to finish. VEIL presents an element for bolstered markets we call moment settlement. That implies you can reclaim your Augur shares for ETH when the market terminates. VEIL has high certainty that the markets will be accounted for on and settled accurately, so we let you offer your Augur offers to VEIL quickly at the revealed cost instead of sitting tight for finish in Augur. Moment settlement is discretionary, yet the thought is to give you a chance to pick your very own dimension of trustlessness.

There are three different ways to utilize VEIL; it is prescribed that you attempt them hard and fast:

a. VEIL, a streamlined UI intended for simple and quick exchanging. This is the default UI and is intended for openness and sharing.

b. VEIL Pro, a trade like UI implied for complex and incessant dealers.

c. VEIL API, our REST API for algorithmic or automatic merchants.

The objective of VEIL is to make Augur simple to utilize and pervasive. VEIL is predicted as a not really far off future where a large number of individuals make and exchange a large number of markets. Furthermore, the team of this project can hardly wait to help make that a reality.

The VEIL platform is worked by VEIL International, Ltd, an organization in the Cayman Islands. The stage won’t be accessible to clients in the United States, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, the Crimea area, any OFAC-restricted countries, or some other ward where appropriate law would deny the client from exchanging subordinates or cryptoassets utilizing the VEIL platform.

VEIL is a non-custodial platform, and its team has no influence over your assets or resources. To disentangle the way toward affirming resources for exchanging, VEIL utilizes VEIL Ether (a fork of Wrapped Ether) and Virtual Augur Shares.

To utilize VEIL you should utilize an Ethereum wallet like Metamask on work area or Coinbase Wallet on versatile. It is suggested that you getting set up with your wallet presently so you’re prepared to begin exchanging when you are prepared.



  • CRYPTOCURRENCY DERIVATIVES: VEIL will bolster utilized renditions of BTC, ZRX, and REP organized as multi day scalar markets. These items make it simple to purchase utilized long or short introduction to prevalent cryptoassets.
  • GRIN MARKETS: The team of VEIL by and by truly amped up for Grin, and both Grin and Veil are planned to dispatch around the same time. VEIL will bolster markets that track Grin’s value, hash rate, and essential network occasions, make it possible to gain long or short presentation to Grin with a couple of clicks.
  • ETHEREUM NETWORK HEDGING PRODUCTS: Markets on VEIL don’t have to simply follow costs; a similar structure can be utilized to exchange on whenever arrangement. VEIL will offer subsidiaries to exchange on Ethereum’s gas cost and hash rate, which will be helpful supporting items for relayers to fence their gas introduction or diggers to fence their hash rate chance.


Behind every good project, there must be a solid team who are always brainstorming and working towards on how to achieve the aim of the project. Here in VEIL, we have a diverse team of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from experience in technology, business strategy, blockchain, trading, finance, management, marketing, and development.

Below are the brains that make up the VEIL Team;


Rest assured that VEIL aims to cater for the casual blockchain users who need an easy to navigate platform where they can be sure their crypto fund are well protected. VEIL will provide powered-up, cutting-edge features for both the amateurs and professionals who require the full range of earning more, decision making and fundamentals information at their fingertips.

Key in now into the VEIL project to safe guard your funds in a unique and welcoming environment, discover promising new technologies and ask or give advice in a community focused on creating a bright future for everyone! Become part of the VEIL community and be one of its token holders now that the price is still very cheap to afford for everyone.

For more information about the VEIL project and participation, kindly get connected with these links:











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