Cryptocurrency has proved it has come to stay despite the unfavorable market situation we have been witnessing since late 2017.Different innovative Projects are coming out almost on daily basis. The Technology which makes all these possible is Blockchain which linked the World together and making financial transaction more transparent, Secured and efficient .Normally , there should be an element of Privacy in all cryptocurrencies before they can fulfill the real function of Cryptocurrency but not all Cryptocurrency are Private .Most Cryptocurrencies these days lacks elements of security and Privacy thereby making it vulnerable to hacks.Hence, making the adopters skeptical and avoiding the risk and threats of losing their investment .Today, am going to focus my topic of Discussion on Veil Coin .

Veil is revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency space by re establishing a Privacy Coin which fulfill the qualities and functions of real cryptocurrencies .They are matching the technology up with an high end secure Blockchain technology which is hack proof that will guarantee the safety and Privacy of the users funds within the network


Veil has combined varieties of technology to ensure maximum Privacy and best user experience in the ecosystem.This is possible with the implementation and integration of RingCT , ZercoCoin Protocol , BulletProof and Dandellion . Bitcoin technology is also adopted in ensuring best security and users safety in the use of the Coin . .Transactions are anonymous in Veil Network , transactions magnitudes are bring reduces .A lot of features are embedded in Veil Coin to ensure users safety and privacy . Another intriguing feature of this Project is their Wallet . Currently they have Windows and MAC OS Wallet , the team of developers are working on the Android and IOS version. The Wallet have seed recovery. This is so amazing, It is the first step you have to go through after downloading your wallet . Updating and keeping safe your Seed wallet . This feature enable users to recover their wallet in case you are not with your computer or your Computer machine got crashed .
Another fantastic feature of this Project is that it is a self sponsored, self sustained and self funding project . It is a project that can be trusted and having all it takes to be very successful in future . Unlike so ICO Projects out there that receive huge funds from the Public from their Crowdfunding.Most of them cant be trusted . They require just some few hundred of thousands of dollars to develop their project , yet they raise millions of dollars on their worthless project and misappropriate the funds and rendering the project useless .Hence, leading to project failure.

Another amazing feature of Veil Network is the opportunity it created through the (PoS) Proof of Stake.f you have some Veil coins in your wallet you easily be earning an income Passively with Veil PoS system , Proof of Stake . For example if you have 20,000 Veil ,it is easy for you to win at 50/50 ratio every month .The Veil Staking system works just like the traditional Banking System . Due to the fact you have staked your coins and not withdrawing it , you will be entitled to earning passively though the Veil Staking system.As soon as you transfer the Coins from your wallet, the contract get terminated.The Process of Staking Veil also helps in the Blocks validation within the Network and this help in growing the Network.This system will need your wallet to be always opened ..I mean 24/7.For more information check the veil official links below

Veil Network Official Resources

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