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We now live in a more sophisticated civilized world that has evolved through many ages. Humans continue to conquer the entire universe and there has never been any age when continuous exploration of the universe by humans ceased not to exist. The rate at which things are changing is superfast but even as everything is moving with the speed of light, the digital world is not left behind and it is even major innovation in the 21st century. Now we live in a digitalized world and the influence of digitalization in everyone’s lives cannot be disregard. It affects the way we socialize, interact, educate and relate with the world. And this is the reason why there’s a need of what could give people the full control of their privacy especially in digitalized cryptocurrency world and with the emergence of VEIL, this will surely be a reality.


About Veil

Veil was designed to give the world of cryptocurrency full privacy which is the initial goal of Satoshi when he was working on the first decentralized currency. The team of Veil partners with expert cryptographers and developers such as the random zebra to bring this vision of ‘Privacy Without Compromise’ into reality.

Veil is working towards creating a stable, highly efficient ecosystem with a perfect user experience. The software of the platform was created to give fully efficient privacy experience to its users.

How It All Started

The team of Veil initiated its development in August 2018 and the number of the team is 25 members. They came together and started working on the platform and by January 1st 2019, the platform was fully launched. The team made use of the most updated Bitcoin Core which is 0.17.1 as their open source layer. It also uses the zerocoin protocol to anonymize transactios and Ring Confidencial Transactionn to privatize change.


Veil Cogent Mission
  1. To offer privacy
  2. To create a user-friendly digital currency.
  3. To push technical boundaries for privacy and anonymity.
Veil Partnership With Zerocoin & Ring CT

To most cryptocurrencies, privacy isn’t generally an alternative in a clients wallet, they imprudent on the privacy of the client, a client should approach his privacy. A few clients wouldnot neccessary need anyone to know how much crypto he choses to use in the crypto market, yet a portion of the digital currency platform wouldnt need to give an idea to this. A client should have the all out ideal to choose how he spends his money i.e client can choose to either spend publicly or secretly, VEIL being a dependably on private cryptocurrency is certain to direct to the anonymity of a clients data and details.Once a client posseses 10 or more basecoin it is consequently stamped into zerocoin, so the higher basecoin a client posseses the higher measure of zerocoin he gets. VEIL will privatize a clients transactions through the assistance of RingCT and stealth addresses.


Zerocoin Level Of Privacy

Veil make use of Zerocoin Protocol . There are two procedures number 1 is the printing of basecoin into zerocoin and the second is burning through zerocoin. Expecting that 10 basecoin is equivalent to 1 zerocoin,10 basecoin are then singed and a sequential number is made to speak to those 10 basecoin as 1 zerocoin division and after that focused on the blockchain.

The following thing one is to do is spend the zerocoin,but has to go through the demonstrating process,this is done through zero-learning proofs, where a client can demonstrate to the system that you opened a crate. The zerocoin mint enables the system to guarantee that the individual who is spending the zerocoin is the same as the individual who printed it and afterward the sequential number on the zerocoin is naturally set apart as used,in different words if an individual who is utilizing the zerocoin is not the same as the person who stamped the coin, exchange will be confined and not conceded the entrance to utilize the coin,thats how private zerocoin/Veil can get.


Veil is a decentralized platform with the intension of privatizing exchange in the cryptocurrency market. It will ensure that a client has all out directly over how he spends his crypto. VEIL is working inseparably with standard bodies that is keen on giving clients their ideal to their privacy,and with a team of 25 VEIL is certain to improve and better to improve the anonymity of its clients and secure their own/significant subtleties from the public eye.

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