Vena Network

What is the Vena network?

The Vena network aims to create financing for decentralized digital assets and network sharing through the Vena Protocol. The Vienna Protocol is an open source protocol based on a chain of blocks where people can trade between a cryptographic currency and a decree currency and use a cryptographic currency as a collateral for loans without having to trust third parties. On the Vena network, users can use the criptomonedas market, and you can reduce the risk associated with fluctuations in the cost of criptomoneda and unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

Currently, payments between the currency in encrypted form, and in the currency fixed, are mainly carried out through the OTC trading platforms centralized. Most countries do not set encryption laws, which means that the platform can operate without a license and rules. Thus, users of these platforms should always take risks in providing financial security and confidentiality, while a trading platform can manipulate prices in a transaction to get superganancias. Of course, there is an increase in demand that users can perform safely and comfortably between currencies, cryptographic and trust management.

Key features of Vena Network

Build a dispersed business network using an encrypted business model

Users will receive decentralized identity authentication for transactions involving credit and currency.

The protocol design is clearly defined. Very basic layer of abstraction protocol to enhance the degree of freedom for secondary development, bringing more ecological role than many more innovative scenarios; Standard library endogenous library protocol protocol Layer properties includes debt contracts (debt, credit, mortgage) and commercial contracts, acting as a precursor of the company to build financial ecosystem and exchange upwards .

Conduct closed circuits of digital assets, from issuing assets to secondary market transactions, and directly carrying out spot transactions, mortgage transfers and asset movement (Single stable monetary support) in the Vena ecosystem .

Supports the NFT (no symbol) standard and realizes a value-added mortgage for the portfolio through a self-determined contract.

The third party implementing the example contract library in the ownership protocol layer will retain the copyrights, setting an example contract and service contract and the author will be able to charge the service fee to the user.

Different roles within the protocol ecosystem will be compensated: for example, auditors can use their own data model to provide users with quality and cost-effective credit evaluation services

Business model the Vena Network

Vena Network is an open source project intended to fill the gaps of electronic money ecosystems instead of a business. Vena Foundation is a non-profit organization created by the Vena team in Singapore. The objective of the Vena Foundation is to ensure the sustainability of the Vena project, the effectiveness of decentralized governance, the security and transparency of the mobilization of capital, as well as the development and support to start-up companies based on the protocol Vena

How does Vena Network work?

The Luoshu button is the key element of the project. It allows an open deal for tokens and property grants through the Rocket deal. The network allows anyone to perform peer-to-peer transactions and manage digital assets anywhere, anytime.

The certified Luoshu button must have all the conditions of the lending activity in the area of ​​operation. This means that the agreement must comply with all laws and regulations of that particular location.

Advantage of the ecosystem of the Vena protocol

They target the protocol layer in the blockchain to build an ecosystem. The attraction and advantage is that it does not attempt to cater to all market details in the vertical, but rather to promote different roles within the ecosystem to expand the market. This is a trend that can be observed in many industries by providing these individuals with the help of infrastructure to create great value. Thus, they abstracted the basic rules of the financial system by approaching layered design and gradually promoting emerging markets and roles in the Vena Protocol-based ecosystem. Dealing in debt and transaction transactions.Business of Vena Network

Vena Network is an open source project to fill the gap of e-money ecosystems instead of a company. Vena Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the Vena team in Singapore. The purpose of the Vena Foundation is to ensure the sustainability of the Vena project, the effectiveness of decentralized governance, the safety and transparency of capital mobilization, and the development and Support for start-up businesses based on the Vena Protocol.

To promote the healthy development of the Vena Network, a comprehensive incentive mechanism was established by the Vena Fund, which essentially included:

The Vena Button acting as an Appraiser or Answeree should be reviewed and approved and committed to a certain amount of Vena Tokens to the Vena Fund as a deposit, and the node may make a profit by charge.

The jury must be reviewed and approved and commit a certain amount of Vena Tokens to the Vena Fund as a deposit. At the end of each arbitration, judges who make reasonable judgments will receive a reward for the token and judges who make an unreasonable judgment will lose information (see 5.2.3 for details).

Users get 50% discount when using VENA Tokens to pay the fee.



Chief Manager: Ching Zhu

Jing Zhu, a gainer in the reputation of exceptional students with UESTC, is considered the founder of ChainBoard processes. Ching seized the post of technology manager of the popular fintech firm ICE KREDIT in accordance with the orders of designing and managing R & D with the aim of an integrated risk management platform and a plastic platform in the large information base. Beloved has accumulated abundant skill in the field of research of plastic studies and economic risk management on the Internet, as well as R & D in accordance with the construction design of the concept of micro-services. In 2016, Ching began to lead the instruction according to the study and effective research of the industry supplement in the blockchain database, and also to take part in the work of the Blockchain plan in the Listing firm.

Technical Lead: Jeremy Lan

Jeremy Liang, Blockchain’s chief designer, is considered the co-founder and technology director of Hardrole. Someone is fond of logic and cunning developments and has secured skills in the network of Internet practice and strong technological awareness. Jeremy captured the post of the head of Hiscene, a popular synthetic business in the field of designing and researching cloudy architectures. Since years of effort in the blockchain field, Jeremy is the symbol of the basic blockchain technology, multicurrency electric wallet and interchange, and in addition, all kinds of protection. In addition, Jeremy is also considered a member of the main order participating in the Metaverse blockchain. Today, the period of someone acquires the obligation to quickly explore and solve problems in the plans,

Leader: May Du

May Management, Capital Degree, Nanyang Science and Technology Institute, Degree, Xiamen Institute. And her abundant skill in entrepreneurship. Has achieved its first exit from the venture capital funds, founding SATORI BCC PTE. LIMITED In 2017, he took over as chief executive officer and implemented promotions in order to define it in 2018. Now the main highly professional indication is to guarantee multi-purpose internal operator assistance of mass scientific and technical companies, especially Blockchain startups.

CSO: Yuanfei Zhu

Yuanfei Zhu, offering him the purpose of income in the Shanghai Institute of the Coin Tun in the property of the 1st with the best students according to the profession in the field of computer lessons and technologies with good performance in computer / physics competition during his senior typical secondary schools. Someone created Moregg during the period of his suspension of teaching at school, and, in a similar way, gained quite a few accomplishments with absolutely nothing to which, in such a case, the presence of gaining a certain result. Already after its graduation, someone introduced the main method in the work of the method for the purpose of large-scale information in the moments of some online advertising, management and viability and for the purpose of mechanical teaching in Silicon Plain, and bound with the provided skill in considering information and experimenting work in Yaha. Since the promotion of the blockchain formation plan in 2016 as well as the manufacturer of Ethereum, someone performs the blockchain’s know-how and took part in productive interchange construction design, the Iko operator delegated to invest Beico sites, and successfully carried out a series of smart contracts based on similar plans, as well as the EHC. In 2017, someone created Satori in Singapore and managed a high-end installation, providing high-quality services, similar to the ratio of foreign funds. Partners fucked and estanlished cooperative relationships with IOST, ZJL, TNC, etc. someone created Satori in Singapore and guided a high-end installation, providing high-quality services, similar to the ratio of foreign funds. Partners fucked and estanlished cooperative relationships with IOST, ZJL, TNC, etc. someone created Satori in Singapore and guided a high-end installation, providing high-quality services, similar to the ratio of foreign funds. Partners fucked and estanlished cooperative relationships with IOST, ZJL, TNC, etc.

Business Manager: Zed Zhao

Zed Zhao, graduated from UESTC. Previously, someone worked as a clerk of plans at CETC, managed absolutely all the action of building an encrypted platform and the concept of cyber security for the purpose of multi-armed police officers. And someone conformed because of the state cloudy calculations of the encrypted additions of the snow-white document, the little clouds of the government of the Sichuan periphery and the Yunnan cloud of the plan, which needs the most FIVE hundred million yuan. Today, the Zed period focuses on finding goods and labor in bargaining in the field of blockchain.

Product Director: Yoki Wang

Yoki Ruler, graduated from UESTC. Beloved contains abundant skill activities in the network of the Internet industry and has previously worked in popular network of Internet companies, for example. NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES) and other products. The beloved is previously interested in the most hundred million users. Joki is a symbol from consideration of users of COMPUTER and mobile goods, excellent in leading ending and back-end product design, 2B2C product design, abundant skill in researching plans and consideration information previously involved in the field of rotation with the provisions of the most TEN products.

Foreign Market Manager: Amir Zhou

Amira Zhou, a general practitioner with seven years of skill in business negotiations and bosses in foreign bazaars, once kept the log of the manager in trusting the process of foreign bargaining in the popular company Dina ship processes. Her investment in the result of a partnership with an operator of the 10 million degree in Malaysia established a pioneering practice, that Russian network firms of transportation money give built-in regulations to foreign operators, including an auto network platform of large information and hardware provision. In addition, the beloved took the post of senior translator of the British style, nominated as a simultaneous translator at the Shanghai Capital Ministers meeting of Category 20. Today, the period of the beloved is focused in industry studies and bazaar activities,

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