Vena.Network – an open protocol for financing and exchanging branded assets

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Have you ever heard of it before?
if not this time I will explain it for you. And if you already know about Vena, my network will try to explain it back to you.

Vena.Network is an open protocol for the financing and exchange of branded assets, where everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral loans and OTC trades anytime and anywhere depending on your own wishes, where allows free exchange between cryptocurrency and currency Fiat, which is now much more prevalent today, is that more and more people are using digital assets.
Now that’s about Vena.Network.

Then why should there be a vein. This network with what purpose is this Vena. This network is built?
The main objective of the Vena Network is to create asset financing and a decentralized digital exchange network through the Vena Protocol.
The Vena protocol is also divided into two layers:
The first is the basic protocol layer, which mainly includes registration, configuration, routing, and management of the top layer financial business.
And the second is the asset protocol layer, based on assets, completing the user-defined financial business through the application of the term contract interface.

Great is not Vena. This network is built with good intentions that are also well-intentioned.

What features does the node Vena have?

  1. Venous ecosystem
  2. Benefits of using veins
  3. Vena Node
  • In Vena Ecosystem, closed loop circulation from issuance of tokenized assets to P2P loans or transactions is realized through blockchain. What is meant, after the issuance of digital assets, P2P transactions directly through the Vena Protocol are available, or after the digital assets are promised, the right of the pledge can be transferred and collateral circulation.
  • Then what benefit if you join this Vena?
    For those of you users who join the Vena Network can benefit from the development of the crypto currency market, realize asset and exchange financing in an effective, safe and efficient manner, while also reducing the risks associated with factors such as fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices and financial intermediaries the dishonest one.
  • Vena nodes are a key element of the Vena Network. The Vena Protocol has defined two roles, assessors and relayers. Vena nodes can consist of one role or a combination of two roles, or can contain all types of service providers that come from the current market competition.


And all you need to know is that Vena not only gives you benefits, but also veins will benefit users.
So you can enjoy using this Vena. Who is the one who doesn’t want to be like that?
just imagine you have benefited but you also get a profit. The bonus can be easily obtained when you start contributing. The bigger or the more you contribute to the Vena you will also get more bonuses (depending on your performance).

Vena Network provides significant advantages for node and venous users. The Vena Protocol utilizes economic incentives such as cost compensation for various roles in different market competitions in venous ecology to provide accurate market data, real credit data, and distribution of digital assets, loans, trade and management services in a fair, transparent and safe with rich application scenarios.

The mission of the Vena form or the making of the Vena itself is to promote the development of a healthy cryptocurrency community.

Vena also have big plans for the future that will come with the following road maps;


  1. Official launch of white paper & Vena Network website.
  2. Proof of concept development & launch.
  3. Development of communities in countries including the United States, China, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc.


  1. Launch Public Sales
  2. Launch the official exchange beta version
  3. Perform targeted financing and business loans based on official beta exchanges
  4. Open the application for Vena Node


  1. VENA Tokens are registered in exchange
  2. Open source SDK from Vena Network is available on github
  3. Pilot run from official exchanges and simulation operations
  4. Vena 1.0 release
  5. First Vena Node introduction


  1. Vena 1.1 release
  2. Develop the ecosystem in full, start the city partner program, and introduce 20+ Veins Nodes


  1. Vena 2.0 release
  2. Accelerating expansion of global business, Introducing 50+ Vena Nodes


Token Name Vena
Price of PreICO 1 ETH = 15,000 VENA
The price 1 ETH = 10,000 VENA
Gifts Available
Peron Ethereum
Receive ETH
Hard stamp 9,000 ETH
State Singapore
Whitelist / KYC None

Vena also have very great teams with great experience. Who are they ?
For more information, please visit Vena Website and Vena Telegram

Username : Ozie94

Profile :;u=2103066

ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576



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