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The fast-changing cryptocurrency world experienced a huge boom in 2017. The Economist argues that the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies seems likely to result in significant market disruptions. Until the third quarter of 2017, investment return on cryptocurrencies is as high as 448% which has far exceeded investment returns on other assets like the stock market, gold and real estate. Cryptocurrency trading has been very active. Almost 60 cryptocurrencies boast average daily trading volume of 10 millions dollars. Such active trading leads more and more trading exchanges entering the market.

There are currently two types of cryptocurrency trading exchanges, centralized exchanges and distributed exchanges. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of distributed exchange are very obvious. Trader’s asset is well protected; trading and clearing costs are low; traders can freely join and leave, and they can trade with anyone in the world as long as the other party also uses the same exchange. Centralized exchanges are exactly the opposite of distributed exchanges in almost every aspect. Because of the many advantages of using a decentralized platform, there is speculation that the decentralized exchange platform will be used more frequently in the future.

Introducing Vera Exchange

Vera Exchange is a decentralized exchange platform. The solution offered by Vera Exchange is to allow users to be able to trade more safely, easily and comfortably. An exchange platform designed for you crypto-enthusiasts who are looking for a trustworthy exchange platform.

Vera team is aware of the importance of customer support and seeks to find high-quality solutions at within the brief period of time. Vera team members have extensive experience in the software development field and marketing and have been successfully operating in the global market for over 10 years. So users don’t need to doubt the professionalism of the Vera Exchange platform.

Vera Exchange Features

  • Simplified trading platform with an attractive user interface.
  • All sorts of tools for technical analysis
  • Alerts for all actions
  • Reports
  • Order History
  • Multilingual technical support
  • Smart trading
  • Various contests
  • High level security
  • Plenty of currency pairs
  • Low fees

Advantages of Using Vera Exchange

  • Secure and Stable

Having a multi-layered security Architecture.

  • User Friendly

Having a smooth, easy to use and understandable layout.

  • Multiple Coin and Securities Supported

Vera will be able to list both security/utility tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.

  • Robust Structure for high volumes

Vera aim to handle over 1,000,000 transactions per second.

Vera Exchange Security

Vera team pays great attention to platform security. This would effect positively on the main concern of users: keeping their wallets safe and it is assured due to the presence of highly qualified specialists in this field. Vera security methods include secure server infrastructure, multiple tests for various penetrations of third-party software and servers, thereby ensuring a high level of protection, as well as compliance with all security standards.

In Conclusion

Vera exchange intends to build an exchange platform that will accommodate the needs of its users. Vera exchange is an exact product that you seek for – with extensive approach to hear the users first, Vera would exactly deliver the results you need.

Token Sales

Token Price 0.008 USD
Pre Sale start 22 Apr, 2019
Token Symbol VERA
Pre Sale end 6 May, 2019
Main Sale start 6 May, 2019
Main Sale end 3 June, 2019
Tokens Offered 250 M
Soft Cap 1 M USD
Crowdsale 1.5 M USD
Hard Cap 2 M USD

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