On-line video is considered to be the fastest growing. In its part, 82% of the generally narrowly used network of Internet traffic is required in 20211, and the exchange needs $ 312 billion. This is no less, on-line entrepreneurship-form of business is considered the basic task. With the emergence of online video platforms, as well as the formation of video material, thus, the use has begun to be more easily accessible than if, or in the first place. This has led to an impressive increase in the production and use of content, as the public goes on-line for the purpose of numerical rest. This is no less, within the existing marketing modifications such firms, like Facebook and Google, are accentuated in the property of favorites, the general in 2017 is $ 191.8 billion. 3 the purest earnings from advertising, controlling the separation of content and the sale of advertising. The audience quickly turned into a product. Their individual information is traded to corporations for the purpose of the most directional advertising, in which case the period as well as developers and publishers acquire a share with revenues thereafter, as well as the site and the intermediaries acquire a substantial part of the earnings from advertising. In the past years, content developers and the network of Internet publishers have been very popular according to these problems, since the small profits that they generate mean that they have no chance to invest again in media content and thus they are fighting because of the support of their own channels.

Verasity — is the newest, decentralized platform, in which anyone with us will be able to exchange their own video material and purchase because of this award

With the support of the technological processes of the blocking system, I can exclude the arbitrators that are available in similar large networks as well as Youtube and acquire the whole profit of the female. In addition, the profit will be acquired by the developers of video content of the site, the platform will be interesting to other users of the platform.

The main advantages of the platform for the public:

Viewing excellent video content, with a choice of this, what they really want to see taking into account previous views;
receiving awards in platform tokens because of viewing the platform content.
Advertisers who put their own advertising will reward the users of the platform because of its display; the receipt of tokens due to support in help forged by means of the VeraSparks function.

Pros of the platform for the purpose of content developers:

easy formation forged and loading video material + the role of forming streams of the highest quality;
Many abilities to monetize your own media content + instant payments due to transactions with blocking technology;
There is a possibility of joining your own «sponsors» through VeraSparks, because of the help of which you are promised to them the share of your forthcoming earnings.

Pros of the platform for advertisers and sponsors:

All views in the landing stage are real and are supported with support for the technological process, that is cost-effective for the purpose of advertisers and sponsors;
The platform allows advertisers to have marketing video footage and pay users explicitly because of their display;
the platform makes it possible to establish a narrow collaborative work with creators of high-quality content in order to extract mutual benefits.

Verasity — this site for the purpose of exchanging video material, specialized for the purpose of revolutionizing the ecosystem on-line video material, providing a direct and colorless relationship among visitors, content creators and advertisers.

The firm’s team contains sufficient skills in the sectors of public data and technology money, capturing the initial management positions in firms.

The goal is to get rid of the unnecessary activity of developers and on-line publishers of video material, and to improve the display of video material. The works of Verasity will be applied on the Internet, integrating the delivery of video material and instant micropayments using the VERA token, and without exception, with the right security and colorless Proof of View ™ Blockchain technology.

In total, almost 12.5 billion tokens will be published. To trade opened 6, 25 billion tokens or fifty percent from a single issue. Public implementation will occur on May 21 and will continue until the 11 July. The presence of this 1 token needs less than 1 cents. Softkap plan achieves the presence of the implementation of 4 million tokens, hard drive outgrowth — the presence of the implementation of absolutely all tokens. The smallest investment in the plan is the same as the purchase of 10,000 tokens. The cost of tokens will increase by 1% any day.
On account of the distribution of tokens, it is possible to note the following: 50% will be opened to purchases with the purpose of traders, 20% remotely in the founders and the designation of the draft, 19% — as well as the platform stock, 7.5% — in advisors, 2.5% — in referral project and 1 share in the stabilization asset.

On the account of the distribution of the selected money, it is possible to note the following: 20% will go to study and study the plan, 20% in technology licensing, 18% in the platform, 20% in contracts and pay, 17% in the management of the platform, 2.5% in advocacy and management costs, 1.5% in the formation of commercial and 1% in sudden costs.

The result of the plan formation project may be noted as follows: in the 3rd micro district 2017, the creation of the most provisions and the capabilities of the detachment technological processes in the landing stage arose. In 4 microdistricts — test video footage of the player with partners, additions to the instructions of the creators and the formation of an informative important document.
In 1 neighborhood 2018 — implemented PoC for the purpose of the platform player. Formation of a website according to token trading. In the 3rd micro district will be testing its block platform, + exit platform with the initial set of functions. Addition of monetization with support. In addition, in this neighborhood will be an increase in the instructions of the engineers of the plan. In the fourth district, there will be a lot of beta-versions of a variety of platform services — apps for desktop OS, blockchain-enabled VeraWallet, VeraPlayer, VeraPay, and the absolute version of the blockbuster platform.
In 2019, without exception, all the above-mentioned additions to the platform will be launched with an absolute list of features + launch of the marketplays of video channels.

In conclusion, I want to point out that the formation of the video footage of the industry is now in fact at the top and the investment in this area must be profitable. Due to this, the site destroys arbitrators, which take a significant share of the income of content developers, the lover will be tempting for the purpose of a lot of video material-developers. Thus the fact that the landing stage is guaranteed result. For the purpose of the most detailed communication with the platform you will be able to study with informative papers. Success!








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