Next Generation Video Sharing Platform.

Hello friends as usual here I bring you an interesting platform and that verasity is a video exchange platform that violates the status quo and combines the best approach and decentralization in the world. However, this project has more bids than just video sharing; what sets it apart from others is its innovative economic model that puts viewers ahead of time, but also allows creators and advertisers to benefit as well.
 Verasity  is a new video sharing platform that enables creators to share videos and enhance the online video viewing experience. Using patented blockchain Verasity technology, content owners and creators can choose how to monetize their content. And viewers make direct transactions with them using VERA, the new cryptomoney that drives the economy across platforms.


Verasity Blockchain
We are developing our delegated Stake Blockchain test (based on Graphene DPoS Blockchain) to provide secure transaction book and increase the sharing of Verasity video, digital wallet and internal exchange economy.
Verasity users will see their VERA balance in real time and can send and receive VERA smoothly on the Verasity platform. VeraWallet is integrated into the VeraPlayer interface that will run on our video sharing platform.
Verafier app
The Verafier desktop application will allow users to act as Verafiers to verify transactions and participate in the creation of new blocks, as well as safely store VERA storage.
The VeraPay component will give users the ability to purchase and sell VERA with ease. This ensures that users have a perfect experience when joining the ecosystem.

Benefits to the Viewers

See great video content
The Verasity economy is designed to help viewers find the content they really want to see.
Direct business relationships between channel owners and viewers ensure that no third party can influence content suggestions.
Get a Gift to See
Verasity encourages viewers to interact with the platform by giving them a gift with VERA for the content they watch.
Advertisers directly reward viewers who choose to see their ads.
Generate VERA with support channels
Inside Verasity, viewers can help support growth in content channels through VeraSparks.
If audiences have VeraSparks on their channel, they receive a portion of the VERA collected by the channel.

Benefits to the Video Creator

Create a channel and upload a video
Every Verasity user can be a Creator and start a channel.
Verasity uses proven, scalable, high quality video streaming technology that ensures the best experience for their creators and fans.
Some methods of monetization
Verasity allows micro transactions that create flexibility for Creators and Editors to monetize their content.
You no longer have to wait for payments because Verasity transactions are fast, secure, and transparent.
Development of your channel funds
Via VeraSparks, creators can sell some of their future channel revenue to Verasity in return for VERA. This VERA can be used to accelerate channel growth and users who buy VeraSparks share the success they help create.

Benefits to Advertisers and Sponsors

New value
Verasity creates a direct value exchange between brand spending and audience interaction. With Verasity display test technology, each display will be recorded in a transparent way that can be audited in the Verasity chain block.
Verasity allows advertisers to pay VERA audiences directly for their attention.
Advertisers are guaranteed to reach committed viewers who voluntarily agree to view ads.
Verasity allows brands to transact with creators directly via platforms using VERA.
This ensures that sponsors and brand locations are verified through Verasity test technology.


 In the Verasity ecosystem, content creators, viewers, advertisers, and video content interact directly with each other. All transactions work with VERA and therefore are fast, secure and transparent.
No intermediaries are required in traditional media ecosystems. Verasity retains all the values ​​generated by communities within the ecosystem.

Route Map

Q3 2017
The founders identified opportunities for the Blockchain-based video platform and began research. Sent
Adaptation of an existing white-label UDP video player and a proven scale CDN – Delivered
UDP Video Player technology is integrated in Chromium. Built-in TCP backup in player for unlimited use in browsers that do not use UDP – sent.
Q4 2017
UDP video players are tested with Akamai for more than 30 million unique users per month – shipped. Gather the core team and advisors – Delivered. Write and validate white paper – Sent. Blockger General Ledger Investigation – Delivered.
Q1 2018
Creation of foundation structure – Delivered.
General project launch – Ongoing.
Fundraising through personal sales – Sustainability.
Launch special landing page to support KYC / AML – Sustainable.
Q2 2018
Launch public sale. Launch the VeraPlayer prototype. Launch the VeraWallet prototype. Expand the team of engineers.
Q3 2018
Remove and test chain blocks.
Remove VeraWallet.
VERA Airdrop in Verasity Blockchain.
Q4 2018
Launch the beta version to select group of creators. Start CMS and Analytics. Launch internal exchange.
Launch the full version of
Launch the channel’s stock market.
Add an ad as a monetization option.
Target non-crypting viewers for mass adoption.
Launch the mobile app. Measure the platform to the Vera 5m wallet holder.


VRA Token
PreICO Price 1 VRA = 0,00750 USD
Price 1 VRA = 0.0075 USD
Gifts Available
MVP / Prototype Available
Ethereum Platform
Receive ETH, BTC
Investment minimum 100 USD
Soft cap4,000,000,000 USD
Hard cap6,245,750,000 VRA
Cayman Islands State
Whitelist / KYC KYC and Whitelist
US banned areas (only accredited), Cayman Islands, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen


CEO David Orman
Scott Brown Expert in project and video network
Chris Morof Chief Engineer
Founder of Christian Jaag, Crypto-Economy Center
Matt Heiman Advisor, Investor, Media Expert
Andy Long Lock Chain and Data Center Expert
Byryk Kyrylo Senior Lock Chain Developer
Ievgen Iegorochkin Block String Developer
Dmytro Medianik Back-end developers and high-load security engineers
Mykolai Chapny Block and the back-end string developers
Anton Lukashenko Full Stack Developer
Tom Hillman Community & Communications
Advertising Advertising Specialist Jon Hook
Danielle Francis Marketing
Merv, social video expert Leslie

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