Verasity: A Win-Win Platform for Content Creators and Viewers

The emergence of the internet brought with it many possibilities along with limitations too. Especially in the aspect of content creation and monitization. Creating content for that will be accessible to millions of users withing seconds was possible. But the dilemma was how to generate income from the content you create. Its not enough to create content and just gather likes and shares. How about making money from content too? This has seen the emergence of Youtube over the years to compensate content creators and consumers alike, but even Youtube has is limitations. It was not completely flexible for the day to day content creator or user like you and i. Until Verasity came. Verasity is a video sharing platform on the blockchain network with the sole purpose of rewarding you for all your created content and consumed contents. Simply put, Verasity is a platform where everybody wins. Content creators and consumers alike.

Currently, a content creator creates content and brings millions of user to a certain platform and in the end, he/she is paid peanuts or stipends just enough to get by the week. In the end, order to get the revenue he deserves, he is forced to show ads to the viewer. thereby discomforting viewers by bombarding them with these ads. For the content consumer, its another ardous journey entirely. As the moment he finds his/her desired content to watch online, there’s a barrage of unwanted ads put there unwillingly by the content creator so he can make a little ‘more’ money from the content he has created. The content consumer must watch these ads before he can proceed to his desired content. A very long and tiring journey.

“Verasity utilizes a custom-built online video platform which partners with Akamai, a leading global content distribution network. This infrastructure uses cutting edge Media Acceleration Efficiency (MAE) and Verasity has scaled to effectively deliver over 8 PetaBytes of video data a month.” – Verasity Creators

Now, what Verasity did was to imagine a platform where you create your content and you’re paid for it. No games, mo middlemen. And for the viewers, they get paid accordingly for watching created contents. Its as simple as that. You are watching your favorite pet show and getting paid at the same time. Although in the end, Verasity being a cost effective platform and initiative will take home a small development fee while the content viewers and creators are getting paid. Everybody goes home happy. Its a win-win for you and i.

How the Verasity Platform works

Within the Verasity ecosystem, video content Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Brands interact directly with one another. All transactions are powered by VERA and therefore they are fast, secure and transparent.

There is no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional media ecosystems. Verasity retains all the value generated by the community within the ecosystem. Verasity will provide an intuitive, easy to use video sharing destination for all Viewers and Creators to interact.

Viewers will be able to find, watch and engage with a range of content uploaded by video Creators. The video sharing website will be home to every type of video from short vlogs to longer pieces of premium content. While Creators will be able to sell a share in their Verasity channel, and community members who help Creators finance growth of their channels will regularly receive a share of their revenues. This will enable Creators to, for example, grow their team or access more professional but often expensive equipment and produce more, higher quality video content.



This is not an investment advice as all opinion reflected in this writeup are that of the author only. Ensure you carry out adequate research and findings before investing in any venture or startup. Thank you and have a great day.


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