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Blockchain lately has often been the talk of many people. Blockchain is a technology that is currently developing. The advantages of this technology are efficiency, especially in transactions. To support this, VERTEX becomes a very appropriate platform.

Vertex offers different things as a marketing place in blockhain. They came up with an innovative idea to create the first market that combines trade, venture capital experience, and fair value-based tokenisation. They go through the ceiling to create a financial ecosystem, where the market will be profitable and guaranteed to invest in cryptocurrency. This will happen because they use a 6-step process and a team of experts who will check the ICO so that the managed ICO will be guaranteed. Then, the team will invest at least half a million USD to the ICO that is examined. The investment itself will increase ICO status and will give prestige to its reputation. Vertex will have experts and use clear predictions to get good ICO tokens. Then they will let their customers, the token owners, buy the ICO token from their market. This means, if the market is successful, the VTEX token value will increase due to the high reputation of the market. Of course this depends on the success of the expert team to check the ICO and the 6 step program they will use for the inspection process. The following is a short video of the explanation.


The benefits that you will get from Vertex are, as follows:

  • ICO Buyer: If you become an ICO buyer, then you will be able to choose from a list of high projects to buy, thanks to Vertex’s strict inspection process. You will also benefit from special prices on the Vertex platform and a fair system that gives each user the opportunity to buy into one of the projects offered for sale on this platform.
  • ICO: If you make the project and the projects meet the required requirements, then you as the initial fund injector will benefit from your project being offered to a group of users who have done KYC, and shortcuts to users who are running.
  • Quality improvement projects offered. By examining the ICO through a rigorous 6-step process, Vertex will become a standard carrier in the industry that buyers will be interested in. This will contribute to improving the level of quality of projects launched in general.

Vtex tension

Under the Vertex stage, all ICO token investments will go through local money namely Vertex Tokens. Effective ICOs through Vertex will also need to incorporate VTEX tokens as the main aspects of their purchases. In this way, VTEX helps undermine the entire ICO biological community while also guaranteeing ICO associations and financial specialists in a straightforward manner.

The importance of VTEX TOKEN

To buy ICO tokens on the Vertex platform, users must use VTEX tokens. Vertex will also use VTEX to buy at least a portion of the tokens from the ICO that are checked. VTEX tokens will support this ecosystem, connecting ICOs and users through the Vertex inspection mechanism and its platform. This will allow everyone involved to obtain various benefits.


Vertex Sales

Vertex sales are open to anyone who is interested. Anyone interested in participating and wanting to gain access will be able to do so through selling Vertex initial tokens. Sales will take place starting August 27 2018 and will end on December 15, 2018. If the explanation above is not clear you can visit the project’s website or download the whitepaper. The Vertex team is open to questions related to this project.

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