initial coin offering (ICO) is when a blockchain project sells some of their token to early investors in order to raise capital for the development of that project. Early investors are usually offered bonus incentives, in one form or another. ICOs are popular with investors as they can be very profitable, but historically there have been a number of significant issues with ICOs. It’s with this scene in mind that VERTEX MARKET will provide an end-to-end solution that makes it east and safe for investors to take part in ICOs and stress-free for token issuers to hold them. The aim of VERTEX is to clean up the ICO space and eliminate the pain points and bad practice that have become the norm.

ICO exit scams have become all too common and many people have lost money as a result. Any ICO hosted on VERTEX platform will have been through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that our users will not be investing in projects of this nature.

Vertex is the world’s first ICO aftermarket platform and ecosystem and has the goal to fill a gap that the ICO rush has created. Vertex is NOT another cryptocurrency exchange, but more like a market for tokens that have been selected because they are likely to appreciate and are part of projects that have a high chance of success. The objective is to increase the likelihood that a buyer will participate in a successful ICO and experience return on their investment.

Vertex is the place to buy evaluated and established tokens that will have successful ICOs and will get launched on exchanges. This becomes more important as many great tokens never reach the public and are sold out during the private sale. This phenomenon is increasing to the point where ICOs might not go public anymore, and investors will need to find other ways of acquiring these tokens. Vertex will help the average investor to buy into such tokens, long after they have been sold out and under conditions that are better than the ones offered during the ICO itself.


The vertex team designed its platform and model to benefit both those seeking to participate in ICOs and the ICOs themselves. Additionally, it will guarantee that all its users have access to the tokens Vertex vets and invests in.

The Vertex team identified the opportunity to create a smart ICO investment process for the benefit of anyone who would like to participate in the market but lacks the expertise required or prefers a team of experts to handle the vetting process. The Vertex team and its “Token Market” will satisfy that opportunity by providing investors with a choice to buy into ICOs and trade in curated tokens that have been meticulously selected, granting special access to ICO tokens that are often sold out quickly. Through its platform Vertex will provide lower investment risk than the kind of risk the average investor faces today. Additionally, Vertex will be the kind of platform that can appeal to potential traders that have not participated in the cryptocurrency markets yet as such, it can bring in much needed fiat liquidity into cryptocurrency markets.Vertex will only buy into ICOs that private equity investors have evaluated.Although investment in ICOs is never guaranteed.


The public sale will not have a cap on individual contributions. There will be a minimum contribution amount to participate in the ITS at any stage of the process. The minimum contribution will be $50 USD. All tokens will be released once the ITS is over. Unsold tokens during ITS will be burned.

Following the public sale, Vertex will keep on selling its own tokens on the platform for anyone who wishes to buy into one of the vetted ICOs. To do so, Vertex will sell according to the price determined by demand and supply in the market. The price will be linked to the exchange value of the token – a price average across exchanges. Users will also be able to buy the token on one of the exchanges where it will be listed.

Token symbol : VTEX.

Token: VTEX

Price: 1 VTEX = 0.31 USD

Ico Start  : August 27 , 2018

Ico End – December 15, 2018

Infrastructure: Ethereum

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

Minimum investment: 50 USD

Soft cap 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap 44,700,000 USD

Country: Cayman Islands

Whitelist / KYC: Authentication and whitelist









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