Vestarin   is a decentralized platform where the owners of shops, dealers, services and institutions integrate their business into the Vestarin platform, where userspurchase and pay with VST  tokens.
The Vestarin platform is designed to implement large-scale changes in the blockbuster industry and solve problems. Vestalin will increase user loyalty, which will have a positive impact on the growth of national capital. A year after launch, the Vestarin team plans to reach a $ 50 million capitalization mark and reach $ 200 million in three years, with steady growth in demand.
The rapid spread of blockchain over the past few years has created a vast and diverse community that covers the breadth and breadth of the world.
The general public’s confidence in cryptocurrencies has not yet been fully defined, but as cryptocurrencies grow, more and more people become cryptocurrencies and blockchains have become larger.
It is with this blockchain community spirit that Vestarin joins the ICO competition, giving this growing community a way to expand and access services, projects, team-building for specific purposes, and more.
How does Vestarin work? 
Shopkeepers, departments, clearinghouses integrate their business with the Vestarin platform, and users purchase and pay for services through their VST tokens. ICO representatives integrate their projects into the platform, while users openly plan and discuss them to create a reputation that investors can rely on. 
Vestarin will provide audiences around the world with cutting-edge technology and cryptographic news from dozens of sources. Blockchain and cryptogizmos technologies will have the same collaboration platform.
Vestalin: a growing community
Blockchain Vestarin intends to develop a platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain that allows users to perform a variety of tasks and access a wide range of services including project creation, payment for goods and entertainment, integrated password currency exchange, and more.
The overall rationale for Vestarin’s value proposition is to provide a whole new community of users to the entire platform and to attract investors through reputational validation among community members.

Vestarin ICO and Token Details:

Token name: Vestarin token (VST)  
The total number of tokens issued : 200,000,000 
ICO start date : January 30, 2018
Pre-ICO deadline : February 28, 2018
ICO start date : May 5, 2018
ICO Deadline: April 4, 2018  
Hard hat: 100,000 ETH 
Maximum pre-sale amount: 15,000,000 VST  
Price: 1 ETH = 3000 VST  
The maximum number of ICOs: 150 000 000 VST
Vestarin’s website offers a 9-person core team and three consultants
This team is very lean, but for a startup ICO this is a good thing because it reduces management overhead and stays focused.
Expertise includes software, law and art supported by blockchain and ICO experts. All team members have two features related to LinkedIn profiles.
The conclusion is
Building, developing and nurturing communities in the blockchain is not easy. It takes a lot of work, dedication and reach.
Vestarin’s main challenge is the rather poor presence on social media that will certainly hinder its efforts to go beyond its borders.
The future of this ICO depends on how well it can become a computable entity on social media. By strengthening its global reach, Vestarin will attract more people to join.
For more information:
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