Greetings community, in this blog hopefully your search for Vestarin project The market for goods and services for cryptocurrency can be fulfilled with all the following:
The Vestarin platform in the chain of blocks Ethereal (standard ERCE20) is essential for anyone who has made at least one step in the world of encryption technology and blockchain technology.
Our mobile application will link hundreds and thousands of service providers and vendors, who receive payments with encryption. It will also attract professionals to form a strong team. We will collect a lot of relevant information for the development of crypters. We will implement the best ICO project for investors. And all this in 15 languages.
Our features
The owners of the stores, services and exchange points integrate their business to the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST token. ICO representatives integrate their projects into platforms, while users will foresee and publicly debate them to create reputations, which will allow investors to trust them.
Vestarin will offer its users a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and warmth over cryptography from dozens of sources to viewers around the world. Experts and professional obstacles will be incorporated into the Vestarin platform, where they can easily meet to work together on various projects.
Opportunities of the Vestarin platform
Buy products, services and entertainment for crypto currency.
Find a team to implement and launch your project.
Communicate with other crypto fans through internal chat and even transfer coins to it.
A currency exchange with another type of change with the highest value, which you can also evaluate.
Have access to information about the emergence and development of new platforms and blockchain opportunities around the world.
Invest in ICO with minimal risk, according to the rating of the users. Each startup will have the reputation and comments of the same criptop fan user, which will help increase or decrease the credibility of a particular project.
Be part of the team, if you are interested in a particular structure
Integrate your store, restaurant, service or entertainment, take advantage of encrypted currency platforms. Integrate your ICO if it is moderated by a Vestarin platform specialist, whose objective is to identify false and false projects. After your ICO integration, you can attract the attention of the entire community, which will give you the opportunity to bring your project to life. Integrate your exchanger and get directions from the platform. You will have the opportunity to use blockchain technology and industry in general!
From January 30 to February 28
Maximum presale quantity: 15,000,000 VST
Price: 1 ETH = 3000 VST
From March 5 to April 4.
Maximum ICO number: 150 000 000 VST
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