The Real Maya Reality Project

Welcome my dear customers. Reality reality has a future. This project combines the most successful ideas in the field of blockchain technology, which can accommodate unlimited virtual worlds.

Viarium is a decentralized network that inhabits the virtual world. This is created and developed by the project team and the host of the world. The Viarium project is a virtual platform of the future. This will be an independent world where you can open shops and showrooms, build houses and rent platforms to other users. It is no coincidence that virtual showrooms are starting to appear in large manufacturers like IKEA, Audi, Alibaba.

Technology removes all restrictions: graphics, customs, clean transportation costs. The Viarium platform involves a combination of many key systems. We talk about special software that is able to organize your own virtual space. Experts have dubbed Viarium like the shared hosting world. Various 3D objects can be placed into the project architecture. The users themselves are required to pay fees for platform capacity usage.

Virtual space can be used by specialists from various fields: industry, construction, design, and education segments. At this time, all the basic ingredients for the existence of the Viarium platform have been made. Genesis Land from the first world is based on the Viarium bandwidth to acquire land. Shell software to add a new world, interaction of economic models between project participants and the basic units of virtual reality.

One of the main differences of the project, in addition to focusing on consumers from the scope of entrepreneurship, is that the platform promotes the use of virtual equipment to participate in the life of the universe. The company creates many worldwide special entry points, equipped with facilities located in shopping centers and offices. Anyone who does not have VR glasses will be able to use VR equipment and enter the virtual world.

Unlike many projects, which are only at the idea generation stage and plan to attract financing through the sale of tokens, the Viarium platform already has a basic architecture. Creating the first world of Genesis Land where you can buy land and create your own virtual space.

The makers of viarium focus on information storage security. Blockchain technology is a decentralized method that allows you to avoid unauthorized changes in content, view publication history and store information in encrypted form, using cryptography on a set of nodes. Virtual and augmented reality technology has long been considered something of a distant future or from a fantasy realm. This allows companies to save money in creating showrooms and showrooms. At the same time, various potential visitors to the virtual exhibition space are several times wider than the showrooms in the real world, and cover the entire world.

PreICO began July 1, ending July 31, the ICO project began August 1 and ended August 31. The current token price is 0.06 dollars.

Now a few words about the Viarium Bounty campaign project. In total, 5% of all tokens are allocated to Bounty, which is $ 3 million.

Facebook Program –
10% Twitter Program –  10% 
Signature Program  –  25% 
– 20% Translation 
Program –  15%
Telegram  Program  –  10%
Reddit  Program  –  2.5%
YouTube  Program –  5%  – 2 Creative Ideas  Program  , 5%

All successful investments and remember, investments are things that are done independently, even if there is a healthy team 🙂

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Telegram: / viariumen

Username: COB


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