Metode Pembuatan Token Berbasis Pengetahuan Yang Inovatif
Virtonomics is a fundamental paradigm and new platform for creating mainstream crypto – mainstream, VICoin, based on alternative virtual economic development.
Virtonomics: The Main Facts
Project trust, 10 plus years on the market
The most famous global MMO business simulator
More than 2,000,000 registered users
Audiences are gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, students
Top notch on Google
Available in multiple languages
What makes participation in Virtonomik Pre-Sales profitable?
1.  Short-term speculative interest. In the pre-sale stage, the future VICoin token rate is set at USD 0.3 = 1 VICoin. At the close of ICO, the token will start trading at USD 0.8.
2.  Investment interest The more tokens purchased in the early stages and investing in the Virtonomik excavation unit, the more VICoin tokens can be gained and the greater the advantage of exchange.
3.  Minimum risk. Unlike most projects that launch ICO, Virtonomics is an active, well-known project and one of the most famous projects in its niche around the world. It offers top results in Google’s global search (try typing “online business simulations” or “online business games”), extensive client base and continuous quality organic traffic.
VICoin Sale
Pre-Sales: Procedures
1.  To buy tokens, you need to register in the Virtonomics business MMO simulator. Click the orange button “Get token.
2.  When registering, enter the correct e-mail and password (remember your password)
3.  To confirm registration, a letter asking you to validate your e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address immediately.
4.   (If you do not see the registration letter in your mailbox, check the spam folder just in case.)
If the registration letter for some reason goes to spam, mark this letter as “not spam” and click on the “full registration” button in the mail.
5.  After switching from the registration letter to the business simulation game interface, select your virtual company name and press “Create company”. The registration procedure for your account in Virtonomics business simulation has been completed.
6.  Now enter your personal account to purchase VICoin tokens. To do this, press the green item “VICoin” on the menu.
7.  In your personal account, click the “BUY VICoin” button, and proceed to the payment interface
8.  In the payment interface, select the number of VICoin tokens you need
Choose a payment system, the more convenient you get the VICoin token through and click the “BUY” button
9.  Next, depending on the payment system you choose, follow the payment instructions.
10.  After payment is complete, the number of tokens purchased and owned will be displayed in your personal account (VICoin green menu item).

Token allocation in Pre-Sale

Pre-Sales: Allocation of Token
Target use of funds raised in Pre-Sale
ICO. Token allocation
Details of the use of funds rose in ICO
How to get VICoin token
Create your account at the MMO bus simulator
Start building and expanding your virtual enterprise in the game
Buy “excavator” unit for VICoin
Increase your virtual enterprise and get VICoins by digging up assets
VICoin Token: Howto
1. VICoin accumulation for speculative resale
2. Pay in VICoin for virtual excavation units and other paid game entities that help dig up crypto
3. Trade on VICoin on cryptocurrency exchange
4. Naturalization of VIC by purchasing real goods and services from companies that work with projects (online stores, online games, educational services)
Dengan menggunakan kontrak cerdas yang berdedikasi, blokir Ethereal akan menyimpan data tentang:
Total number of VICoans in circulation;
VICoin balance on players account and fund flows;
Purchase and ownership of excavation units;
Bonus game bonus conversion is a VICoin token.
In addition, smart contracts will implement a settlement function between virtual enterprise owners and managers employed under the employment contract
Virtonomic system to get VICoin
You are the one who decides the management of your virtual company and your digging unit
Hire staff for high performance management and virtual enterprise scalability that get VICoin.
1. Stage
(Q1 2018)
Build infrastructure blockchain platform Virtonomic $
Limited token item VICoin for ICO
Redesigned the Virtonomics business simulation algorithm to fit the task of the cryptographic platform
Redesign and simplify business simulation interface for bulk users
Prepare and launch ICO
2. Stage
(Q2 2018)
Unleash $ Virtonomic business simulations in basic functions (cryptocurrency generation, independent economy, excavation unit, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
Start building a network of partner services that accept VICoin as payment
Promo campaign for Viricomic $ project and VICoin cryptourrency
3. Stage
(Q3 2018)
Unleashing a second milestone of the updated Virtonomic $ function (OpenData integration, extending the Virtonomics alternative market functionality)
Further localization of projects (translations into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
Expand the network of partner services that receive VICoin
Promo promotion for Alternative Labor Market project
4. Stage
(Q4 2018)
Meluncurkan aplikasi mobile Virtonomic $
Mengembangkan aplikasi konsol Virtonomics (Xbox, PlayStation)
Semakin meluas jaringan layanan mitra menerima VICoin
500.000 pengguna pada tahun 2018, sementara itu 3.000 000 pada 2019
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