VICoin – Cryptocurrency of a New Job Market in Alternative Economy Virtonomics

Currently, the Crypto world is like a deep jungle for many who have not grown up with Bitcoin, wallets, tokens, etc. The incredible hype around Bitcoin has raised many people’s attention. But, still, the adoption barriers for mass market users are extremely high. Just think about the cumbersome selection of a crypto exchange, the registration, selecting and maintaining a wallet, and storing and handling private keys.

The user experience along the entire user journey completely sucks – and, even worse, it keeps many from getting into cryptocurrency investments. No doubt, there are great crypto companies with cool products out on the market. Blockchain technology has made many people in the world of multi millionaires in recent years due to their investment in crypto. Most of these crypto millionaires are involved in ICO. ICO is an initial coin offering that aims to provide startup funds for startup companies around the world to run their business. There are so many ICOs on the internet lately but there is an interesting ICO that the project concept is pretty amazing. and being a part can make you a multi millionaire. This project is called VICoin or Virtonomic.


ViCoin(VIC) is the token of virtonomic application based on smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain network. ViCoin can be earned in Vitonomic economic game, being in circulation outside the vitonomic ecosytem. Cryptocurrency comes out during games in business simulations that build and revise their virtual companies, trade and compete with each other, and grow business in the virtual world economy.

Problems to be solved

Growing mass demand on online job offering and earnings on the Internet

  • 5 000 000 000 – monthly number of search queries related to “job online” and “earn online”
  • 500 000 000 – number of people willing to work and earn online at the very moment

High financial, technological and intellectual barriers of cryptocurrency mining

  • large investments and overheads along with declining profitability of mining
  • complexity of mining process as an earning tool for the mass market

For cryptocurrencies to become a truly massive phenomenon, it is initial to provide a much clearer and more familiar way of its generation (production) in addition to industrial mining as itself. Virtonomics divides the platform for cryptocurrency creation into two processes:

  • Mining of blocks, left for professionals providing the technological basis of the cryptocurrency
  • Digging as the activity which is meaningful and comprehensible for the general user, while delivering the value of and demand for the cryptocurrency.


VICoin or Virtonomic is a fundamental paradigm and new platform for mainstream crypto-mainstream creation, VICoin, based on alternative virtual economic development. also it called as an active and long-standing trust project, Virtonomics is a massive online multiplayer online game that is one of the world’s most popular and forward-looking MMO business simulators worldwide Virtonomics virus base exceeds 2 million registered users worldwide this and more and more days.
Virtonomics ecosystems for earning VICoin
You are the person who decides on the management of your virtual company and digging units
Hiring staff for high-performance management and scalability of virtual companies earning VICoin.
VICoin in Blockchain using a smart contract realized, Ethereum blockchain will store data on:

  • Total number of VICoin in circulation.
  • VICoin balance on player accounts and fund flows.
  • purchase and ownership of excavation units.
  • Change the Virt game bonus to VICoin tokens.
  • work contract between players. 
Virtonomic reached the top spot in Google search with relevant questions such as online, business simulations and online business games with large organic traffic. Virtonomics are available in English, Russian and Spanish; The German, French and Portuguese versions are in development.


Virtonomics The Main Facts

  • Project trust, 10 plus years on the market
  • The most famous MMO business simulator globally
  • More than 2,000,000 registered users
  • Viewers are gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, students
  • Top notch on Google
  • Available in multiple languages
How to earn VICoin tokens 

  1. Create your account in MMO business simulator
  2. Start building and expanding your virtual company in the game
  3. Buy a “digging” unit for VICoin
  4. Enhance your virtual company and gain VICoin using digging assets
How to use VICoin tokens 

  1. Accumulate VICoin for speculative resale
  2. Use VICoin when purchasing virtual digging units and other paid game entities for cryptocurrency generation
  3. Trade in VICoin on cryptocurrency exchanges
  4. Naturalize VIC by purchasing real goods and services of project’s affiliated companies (online stores, online games, educational services)
Vicoin is organising an ICO which is starting from 7th of December,2017 and ends on the 7th of March 2018, using the blockchain technology due the advantages of the blockchain. According to experts, blockchain reduces costs, brings about trust to the ecosytem and has no central control. Every action of the blockchain can be seen on the public ledger , thereby making it transparent. The Vicoin is an ERC20 TOKEN which is compatible to fuel economy. You can contribute and receive a piece of the future in the form of Vicoin tokens here: The price of I Vic to ETH is 0.8$.

ICO is one way to get tokens, but there are others. You can work on a marketing campaign and get your own token. Jobs include social media campaigns, translation campaigns, Article / blog campaigns and more. The goal is to spread the word about the project. Bitcointalk also has a thread for a general discussion called Announcement thread where you ask your question about ICO.


Token Allocation
Road Map 
1. (Q1 2018)

  • Build infrastructure blockchain platform Virtonomic $
  • Limited token item VICoin for ICO
  • Redesigned the Virtonomics business simulation algorithm to fit the task of the cryptographic platform
  • Redesign and simplify business simulation interface for bulk users
  • Prepare and launch ICO
2. (Q2 2018)

  • Releasing Virtonomic$ business simulation in the base functionality (cryptocurrency generation, self-contained economy, digging units, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
  • Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin as payment
  • Promo campaign for Virtonomic$ project and VICoin cryptocurrency

3. (Q3 2018)

  • Unleashing a second milestone of the updated Virtonomic $ function (OpenData integration, extending the Virtonomics alternative market functionality)
  • Further localization of projects (translations into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
  • Expand the network of partner services that receive VICoin
  • Promo promotion for Alternative Labor Market project

4. (Q4 2018)

  • Launches Virtonomic $ mobile app
  • Developing the Virtonomics console app (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • The wider network of partner services receives VICoin
  • 500,000 users by 2018, while 3,000,000 by 2019


VICoin (VIC) Cryptocurrency circulates freely, listed on the exchange and has a naturalized channel. It can not only buy game entities and assets in a virtual economy but also outside of services and real goods. In addition, smart contracts will implement settlement functions among owners virtual companies and managers hired according to work contract.

The Virtonomics ICO bounty program aims at rewarding bounty members for their help in raising the starting funds targeted for the worldwide ICO.


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