VICoin – cryptocurrency of a new job market in alternative economy

Following the details of records with the data and information of numbers with the online queries for job seeking request and the confronts on colateratives, VIRTONOMICS developer works on manage as providing platform to helps future clients to gains of access to the ecosystem as connected clients from different place to put of request and offers of jobs online and gives of incentives for partisan with the online gaming service to collects of returns as the decision to guess online as receiving use of experience while delivering message to the public audience on exchange with the reward of token as might to use for payment or collects to the wallet feature for future chance of withdrawal request.

The platform works with the feature as referring the targeted point or switches with the queries to helps as referring credit for collection as different roles with the players rank to acts with the customs of strategics to gains on finish as completing the furthest to becomes the player with the higher scores on credit as distributing spares of allocation with the balance as completing terms of playing with the MMO games.

Players with the MMO games might begins with the initiation of terms as preparing entrance to the field of gaming as displacing credit of balance with the chance of purchase to provide of supports as might to supply the different unit of application to work as running of playing with the games to collects credit points and win with the higher differences of results on completion.

With the manage of strategics playing with the games, player to gains of score on achivesment and prepare as might to follows as attaining the further as entering the different scenes of field with the new playing terms to achieves of the higher returns of credit on completion.

The credit of returns with the finest on playing might works with the chance on player to gains of the better skins with the scenes of entrance as improving chance as collecting spares of credit level on exchange with the entrance to the higher level of manage with examination.

The games woks as relying within the ETH/ERC20 bloakchain network as utilizing the VICoin to helps as medium on accounting of finance as player to complete tasks with different request of payment transfers as managing games with the scenes of playing with the VIRTONOMICS platform.

From VIRTONOMICS website :

Problems to be solved

Growing mass demand on online job offering and earnings on the Internet

5 000 000 000 – monthly number of search queries related to “job online” and “earn online”
500 000 000 – number of people willing to work and earn online at the very moment
High financial, technological and intellectual barriers of cryptocurrency mining

large investments and overheads along with declining profitability of mining

complexity of mining process as an earning tool for the mass market

The games provide tools on occupation to work on operation as helps to earn of returns with the manage to deliver credit as player to gives of the wider on access with the entrance to deliver message for the public audience and helps with the returns to build of the wider and stronger on relation as the connection of member within the network of VIRTONOMICS platform.

Going for giving a huge scale to age and utilization of digital forms of money, they partition the procedure of the last’s creation into two in a general sense diverse procedures: to start with, mining as the innovative procedure cryptographic pieces age, excessively entangled for a great many people, making it impossible to comprehend; and second, burrowing as the action which is important and intelligible for the overall population, framing establishment for age of tokens and granting them to individuals as per the aftereffects of their operations. The quintessence of they idea and Virtonomic$ stage can be summed up in a straightforward equation: Digital money = BLOCK MINING + RESULTS OF PURPOSEFUL HUMAN ACTIVITIES, Comprehended BY AND COMMON TO A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE

The Project Team:

The VICoin has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.
  • Sergey Menshchikov — Project Leader Virtonomics
  • Sergey Morgalev — Technical Director, blockchain demon
  • Mikhail Rakhaev — Game Design
  • Denis Zhuravkov — Game Designer, Community manager
  • Anton Fedotov — Design/ UX
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