ViCoin ICO: Forum for a virtual economic ecosystem based on blockchain

The barrier technology has created many people in the world in recent years due to their investment in cryptokureuctions. Most of these are included in millionaire crypto ICO.

ICO is an early coin introduction, which aims to provide startup funding for startup companies around the world to run their business. Currently there are so many ICOs on the Internet but the interesting ICO is quite amazing project concept. And by being a part you can make multi millionaires.

This project is called
Virtonomics is a comprehensive multiplayer online economic game (MNO), a global business simulator that emulates the activities of financial agents.

Ecological system of virtual economy In many areas, hundreds of different industries such as mineral resources, manufacturing, retail, service, utilities, IT, scientific research etc. are extracted. Real-life businesses such as marketing, sales, logistics, financial management, procurement, human resources, R $ D processes etc., virtualon game users, to create and develop their virtual enterprise in their virtual enterprise and virtual enterprise. Owning and managing actively interacting with each other and working as consumers May include suppliers, partners and competitors
ViCoin (VIC) is a symbol of vironomic applications based on smart contracts from the Itorium Blockchain network.

Vitonomic can be accumulated in economic games, which circulate outside the vetonomic ecology. There are three (3) types of currencies in the Virological ecology, including intra-game currency, special game bonuses (wirt) and cryptococcal tokens (VIISIN).

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To read more about this technical term, download the whitepaper here:

Vişin organized an ICO that began on December 7, 2017 and ended on March 7, 2018, using block technology due to blockchain benefits. According to experts, barriers reduce costs, bring confidence to the ecology and there is no central control in it. Any blockchain activity can be seen in public account holders, so it can be transparent.

Weissin is an ERC 20 token that is compatible with fuel economy. You can contribute and receive part of the future in the form of Vicoin Token: I Vic is worth $ 0.8 from ETH

Campaign level sitting: 07/12 / 017-07 / 03/2017
1 VIC = 0.8 $

– 25% signature campaign (162 500 vic = $ 130,000)
– Facebook campaign 15% (97 500 vic = 78 000 $)

– Twitter campaign 15% (97 500 vic = 78.000 $)

– VK Campaign 5% (31 250 Weeks = $ 25,000)

– Campaign translation 15% (97 500 vic = 78 000 $)

– Articles, reviews, publications, videos 20% (130.000 vic = $ 104,000)

– Artwork 5% (32500 vic = 26 000 $)

The Vicoin project experience is a team of people involved with strategists, developers, engineers, operations and marketing managers. These groups form great teams with people, with the ability to cope with their knowledge and challenges, coming towards them.

We want a great team from this wonderful project, the promoter of this project, good luck and prosperity at its best. Please do not forget to go to the main site and read about the project and invest to get your ViCoin token: https: //

Please see more information about ICO;

Official website:
Official Whitepaper:

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