Virtonomics is an online methodology diversion, in view of certifiable economy, business, enterprise and administration standards.


The motivation behind the diversion is to make a beneficial and focused business. Every player gets a beginning capital, which can be utilized to build up the virtual organization as indicated by their own remarkable situation. Clients pick their custom business points, systems and strategies.

Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online economic game(MNO), a global business simulator that emulates the activities of economic agents. The ecosystem of a virtual economy spans hundreds of various industries in multiple sectors such as extraction of mineral resources, manufacturing,retail, service,utilities,IT,scientific research etc. In the game users create and develop their virtual companies and run all core business processes found in real life businesses,such as marketing, sales, logistics, financial management, procurement, HR, R$D etc.

In Virtonomic game users owning and managing their virtual companies actively interact and compete with each other, acting as a consumer ,suppliers, partners and rivals.

ViCoin(VIC) is the token of virtonomic application in view of keen contracts of Ethereum blockchain organize. ViCoin can be earned in Vitonomic monetary diversion, being available for use outside the vitonomic ecosytem. There are three(3) sorts of monetary forms in virtonomic ecosytem which incorporate intra-amusement cash, exceptional diversion rewards (virts) and digital currency token(Vicoin

Vicoin is sorting out an ICO which is beginning from seventh of December,2017 and closures on the seventh of March 2018, utilizing the blockchain innovation due the benefits of the blockchain. As indicated by specialists, blockchain diminishes costs, realizes trust to the ecosytem and has no focal control. Each activity of the blockchain can be seen on people in general record , consequently making it straightforward. The Vicoin is an ERC20 TOKEN which is good to mileage. The cost of I Vic to ETH is 0.8$.


Using specially realized smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain will store the data on:
the total number of VICoin in circulation;
the balance of VICoin on player’s account and fund flows;
purchase and ownership of digging units;

Additionally, the smart contract will implement the functionality of settlements between owners of virtual companies and hired managers according to labor contracts.

The production volume of “fuel” for cryptocurrency depends on the success and position of the player’s virtual business competition, and on the quality and amount of mining assets owned by the user. Users can convert every 100 Virtonomic earned in an economic simulator into one VICoin (VIC) and play it from game to outside market.

VICoin token
Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effects. For example, 19% of tokens will be mined in the first year of 19% but only 15% in the second year, and so on. The fall of the number of mining tokens with the expansion of the project audience will increase the demand and, consequently, the token level.


Restricted size of issue and over-demand.

The aggregate sum of VICoin to be issued is set at 800 000.

The financial aspects of the token’s flow is independent. One can purchase any Virtonomics burrowing resources just for tokens. Right now of procurement on Virtonomics Marketplace the concurring measure of tokens is singed. Settlements between clients for administrations gave (work showcase in Virtonomics) are done solely in VICoin tokens.

Tokens are issued progressively and with diminishing time impact. For instance, 19% tokens will be mined in the primary year 19% yet just 15% in the second year, et cetera. The fall of the aggregate sum of mined tokens with the extension of the undertaking’s gathering of people will help request and, therefore , the rate of the token.


Project key benefits:

Virtonomics is a dynamic and comprehended place stock in wander. This overall business test framework has been running what’s additionally, making for quite a while and positions among the most extensively known business test frameworks exhaustively.

Other than the winding up yet in the meantime littler blockchain gathering, the errand goes for the wide business group and the overall public hunting down gadgets of operation and picking up on the Internet that are clear and available for all.

The wander amass is a standout amongst the most grounded on the planet in its middle field, that of making of multiuser business proliferations and complex virtual economies.

Acquiring VIC (VICoin) requires neither expensive mining gear nor the usage of megawatts of energy. With a particular true objective to develop a virtual business in an empowering multiuser money related increment one needs littletime (starting at 30 minutes consistently) and minimal blunt endeavors (starting at USD 50).

Activities and selections of customers influence the execution of their virtual associations and, in this manner, the measure of cryptographic cash they tunnel.

VICoin tokens have the status of AppCoins, and being application coins they are free from regulatory threats.



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