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ViCoin (VIC) is a virtonomic application based on the smart contract of the Ethereal block network. ViCoin can be obtained in the economic game of Vitonomic, which circulates outside the vital ecosytem. There are three (3) types of currencies in a virtonomic ecosytem that include intra-game currencies, special game bonuses (virts) and cryptococcal tokens (Vicoin). To read more about this technical term, download the whitepaper here:
Virtonomics is one of the largest multiuser business testing systems worldwide with over 2 million dynamic clients and 10 years of tight digital monetization, VICoin (VIC), and biological communities to earn cryptographic money in an online monetary redirect that mimics settings and an increase in the choice of virtual economy around the world. Digital money is taken in the midst of a shift in a practical business where clients create and develop their virtual organizations, exchange and compete, and build business biological systems in virtual financial conditions. Assets and apparatus for age and excavating “fuel” are unusual entertainment materials obtained for VIC tokens (for example, virtual mines separating regular assets, virtual mining farms, virtual power plants and so on).
Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online economic game (MNO), a global business simulator that emulates the activity of economic agents. The virtual economic ecosystem includes hundreds of industries in several sectors such as mineral resource extraction, manufacturing, retailing, services, utilities, IT, scientific research etc. In the game users create and develop their virtual enterprise and run all the core business. processes found in real-life businesses, such as marketing, sales, logistics, financial management, procurement, HR, R $ D etc. In Virtonomic game users who own and manage virtual companies they actively interact and compete with each other, acting as consumers, suppliers, partners and competitors.
Vicoin organized an ICO that began on December 7, 2017 and ended on March 7, 2018, using blockchain technology due to the benefits of the blockchain. According to experts, blockchain reduces costs, brings confidence in the ecosytem and has no central control. Any blockchain action can be seen in the ledger, making it transparent. Vicoin is a TOKEN ERC20 that is compatible with fuel economy. You can contribute and receive part of the future in Vicoin tokens form here: Price I Vic to ETH is 0.8 $
Total token supply: 40,000,000 VIC Tokens
Token type: Coin
Token Distribution: The distribution of VICoin tokens is outlined in such a way that 73% will be sent to investors at various pre-sales and ICO stages, 18% reserved for found team members with the remaining 9% booked for social media activists, advisors and partners who adopt first the new crypto
ICO Sales Stage: Presale
Token Price: 1 USD = 2.5 VIC
The Vicoin project is led by a team of people’s experience comprised of strategists, developers, engineers, operations and marketing managers. Together, this group of people formed a great team with the knowledge and ability to deal with every challenge that accompanies their path
ICO is one way to get tokens, but there are others. You can work on a marketing campaign and get your own token. Jobs include social media campaigns, translation campaigns, Article / blog campaigns and more. The goal is to spread the word about the project. Bitcointalk also has a thread for a general discussion called Announcement thread where you ask all your questions about ICO. Check here:
Virtonomics: The Main Facts
  • Trust project 10 years plus in the market
  • More than 2,000,000 registered users
  • The most famous MMO business simulator globally
  • Viewers are gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, students
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Top notch on Google
For all technical, mechanical and scientific mining hindrances as a method for obtaining digital currency in the mass market:
Block mining as a method for obtaining cryptographic money is still a protection for leading nerds. At present, by a wide margin, the larger minds of individuals who have no special learning in the progress of blockchain and the economy of digital currency are thrown out of the mining market.
Getting cryptographic money through mining involves a very generous interest in the mechanical framework and in addition to the cost of work to run and maintain “homestead” and electric bills. Clearly, the rate of return of the smallholding owners is small, and this descending pattern will continue.
By giving large-scale use of age and the use of digital money forms, they partitioned the final making procedure into two in the general sense of the various procedures: starting with, mining as an innovative piece of cryptographic procedure, excessively involved for many, making it impossible to understand; and secondly, delves into an important and understandable action for the entire population, creating framing for token age and giving it to individuals according to their operating effects. The essence of the idea and the level of Virtonomic $ can be summed up in an immediate equation: Digital money = BLOCK SHOWS + HUMAN RESULTS OF WHICH PURPOSE, ON AWAY AND IN A LARGE QUANTITY OF PEOPLE
  1. Virtonomics: Ecosystems
By using a dedicated smart contract, the Ethereal blocks will store data about:
  • Total number of VICoans in circulation;
  • VICoin balance on players account and fund flows;
  • Purchase and ownership of excavation units;
  • Bonus game bonus conversion is a VICoin token.
  • In addition, smart contracts will implement a settlement function between virtual enterprise owners and managers employed under the employment contract
User Mode
The Virtonomic ecosystem to get VICoin
You are the one who decides the management of your virtual company and your digging unit
Hire staff for high performance management and virtual enterprise scalability that get VICoin.
VICoin has been designed and created by a team of highly experienced technology experts. Team members gather expertise that gives them an in-depth understanding of the challenges many crypto companies encounter including legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

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