VICoin : Mass cryptocurrency based on the alternative virtual economy development

Virtonomics is a fundamental paradigm and a new platform for creating the mainstream of Cryptocurrency, VICoin, which is based on the development of an alternative virtual economic mass.
VIRTONOMICS.COM is also called active and long-standing trust projects, Virtonomics is a massive online multiplayer online game that is one of the most popular and promising in the world of MMO business simulators around the world. Virtonomics virus database exceeds 2 million registered users worldwide. more days
Virtonomics ranks first in Google search with relevant issues, such as online, business modeling and online business games with great organic traffic. Virtonomics are available in English, Russian and Spanish; In its development are German, French and Portuguese versions.
Virtonomics machines are widely used by universities from various countries for macroeconomic and economic bases, and also by large companies to train corporate managers.
Virtonomics is also called the global multi-user business simulator, which creates its exclusive crypto currency, VICoin (VIC), V, and ecosystem for crypto critical currencies in an online economic game that mimics the establishment and development of an alternative global virtual economy.
Cryptocurrency arises when games in business simulations build and revise their virtual companies, transact and compete with each other, and also grow business in cyberspace. Resources and tools for production and production of special fuels for VIC tokens ( such as virtual mines, natural resources, virtual mining farms, virtual power plants, etc.).
The volume of fuel production for crypto currency depends on success and productivity. Users can turn every 100 Virt into an economic simulator into a single VICoin ( VIC ) and virtual players can act in two ways, depending on their ambitions, investment experience and opportunities.
Be an investor, owner and CEO of a virtual company that can use other Virtonomics players as a Business Manager who runs a company that manages a particular division ( separate marketing ) or functional manager, which is the main business function and process ( marketing, sales, production director ). The employer pays the employee’s work in cryptography. Work contracts and related calculations are done in blockbuster for the smartest Ethleton contract.
Crypto VICoin ( VIC ) currency circulates freely, is listed on the exchange and has a naturalized channel. Cryptocurrency can not only buy game and asset objects in a virtual economy, but also outside the service and the real stuff.
By using the realized intellectual contract, the Ethereum block chain will store data on :
  • Total number of VICoin in circulation.
  • VICoin balance on players account and fund flows.
  • acquisition and excavation ownership.
  • Change the Virt game bonus to VICoin tokens.
  • work contract between players
  • In addition, the smart contract will perform the settlement function between owners
  • virtual companies and managers who are employed in accordance with the employment contract.


Why VICoin appreciates
Due to the size of the problem and the excess quantity. The total number of VICoin releases is set at 800,000,000 VICoin.
The economy of teak circulation is self-sustaining. One can buy Virtonomik excavation assets only for tokens. During a purchase at Virtonomics Marketplace, the appropriate number of tokens is burned.
The calculation between the users for the services provided (the labor market in Virtonomik) is done exclusively on the VICoin token.
Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effects. For example, 19% of tokens will be produced in the first year of 19%, but only 15% for the second year, etc. D. Decreasing the number of production markers by expanding the project audience will increase demand and, consequently, the level of the marker.

To follows with the study on how to gives of reference for crypto currency users as taking parts on work with the mining of coins with the better schemes of work with the systematical function and feature on supports of the work from the developer.

As different obstacles might becoming barriers of the chance as users to attain works on mining, the helps of systematical function from the developer to improves the limit of expectation of the returns from the work of the crypto currency mining.

Users might then to work with the decision of the personal mining as compared with the pooled mining as still to gains of benefit on returns with the manage,
with the less on investment fees and expenses to cover the backup on supporting works with the tasks to complete request as referring numbers of collection, as whilst to improve scale on limit on returns with the progress of terms as moves within the higher stage of manage on exhibition.

As opposed to the customs of mining, the blockchain system also offering the option as might to run with casual absence as users might still collects with different ways on collecting coins,
on extent with the relation between users as becoming parts of unit of entrance with the network system of the blockchain administrative.

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