VICoin : Mass cryptocurrency based on the alternative virtual economy development

VICoin developer works as delivering service with the supports as providing paradigm and platform as building the mainstream crypto currency network to helps of users as becoming parts of alternative virtual economy business in the field of the crypto finance world of the dedication.

To follows with the study on how to gives of reference for crypto currency users as taking parts on work with the mining of coins with the better schemes of work with the systematical function and feature on supports of the work from the developer.

As different obstacles might becoming barriers of the chance as users to attain works on mining, the helps of systematical function from the developer to improves the limit of expectation of the returns from the work of the crypto currency mining.

Users might then to work with the decision of the personal mining as compared with the pooled mining as still to gains of benefit on returns with the manage,
with the less on investment fees and expenses to cover the backup on supporting works with the tasks to complete request as referring numbers of collection, as whilst to improve scale on limit on returns with the progress of terms as moves within the higher stage of manage on exhibition.

As opposed to the customs of mining, the blockchain system also offering the option as might to run with casual absence as users might still collects with different ways on collecting coins,
on extent with the relation between users as becoming parts of unit of entrance with the network system of the blockchain administrative.

The Virtonomic ecosystem to get VICoin

You are the one who decides the management of your virtual company and your digging unit
Hire staff for high performance management and virtual enterprise scalability that get VICoin.
1. Stage
(Q1 2018)
Build infrastructure blockchain platform Virtonomic $
Limited token item VICoin for ICO
Redesigned the Virtonomics business simulation algorithm to fit the task of the cryptographic platform
Redesign and simplify business simulation interface for bulk users
Prepare and launch ICO
2. Stage
(Q2 2018)
Unleash $ Virtonomic business simulations in basic functions (cryptocurrency generation, independent economy, excavation unit, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
Start building a network of partner services that accept VICoin as payment
Promo campaign for Viricomic $ project and VICoin cryptourrency
3. Stage
(Q3 2018)
Unleashing a second milestone of the updated Virtonomic $ function (OpenData integration, extending the Virtonomics alternative market functionality)
Further localization of projects (translations into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
Expand the network of partner services that receive VICoin
Promo promotion for Alternative Labor Market project
4. Stage
(Q4 2018)
Launches Virtonomic $ mobile app
Developing the Virtonomics console app (Xbox, PlayStation)
The wider network of partner services receives VICoin
500,000 users by 2018, while 3,000,000 by 2019
Team: Key People
Sergey Menshchikov  - Project Leader Virtonomik
Visionary, manager, entrepreneur
Ex-CEO and co-owners of ForexClub who transform small regional startups into major international corporations and leading global forex brokers, and turn trading forex into mass products.
Founder and CEO of Virtonomics, the most popular and trusted MMO business simulator worldwide. Founder and CEO of  , a unique innovative educational platform, nominated for Best of Elearning! The 2016 Award by Elearning! Magazine
Sergey Morgalev  - Technical Director, demon blockchain.
Programming since 1987, overseeing the project since its establishment, participants of dozens of IT revenue projects since 1996.
Denis Zhuravkov  - Game Designer, Community Manager
Ten years of managing projects, extensive experience and expertise in logistics, marketing and finance in the real sector such as O & G refineries, retail and online trading. Marathoner.
Mikhail Rakhaev  - Game Design
PhD in Math, creates the Virtonomics algorithm
Anton Fedotov  - Design / UX
20 years of experience and expertise in web design, development and launch; The national project includes sites with up to 1 000 000 clicks daily. Instructor martial
ICO’s Pre-Sales Program Pre-Sales Treasurer
The pre-sale program of Virtonomics ICO aims to reward members of the bounty for their help in raising initial funding targeted to ICO worldwide.
Bounty Program

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