VICoin- New Fundamental Paradigms For Creating Cryptocurrency

ICO analysis
The cardiac crypto industry may have exploded into public life in 2017, attracting massive investments from all over the planet, but still a very few ideas that really understand. Most kriptocurrency users and investors only understand the concept behind it as far as sending or receiving the currency is concerned, and this is why most people would rather buy it with their money than my money or produce it. This means that despite the headlines about Bitcoin and the whole industry as a whole, this is still a small part of the world’s population that is really related to this virtual asset.
Interruption for Cryptocurrency
VICoin is a blockchain based startup that seeks to finally solve this exile circle for the cryptocurrency industry by giving it the vehicle to become the mainstream in all its meaning. VICoin developers see the current status quo where mining is increasingly becoming an exclusive expertise in a large-scale mining industry that is detrimental to the future industry as a whole. The ever-increasing technical and cost that accompany mining is accompanied by the fact that users really have no personal input to determine their profits in the process (beyond the money they spend on mining equipment), all ensuring that crypto production or mining remains a fringe activity which not everyone can participate.
New Mining Model
VICoin attempted to divide its crypto production into two; the current mining model, and with newer “diggers” models in which users apply their basic knowledge of business and economics to transact in cyberspace economic platforms, gaining cardiac crypto as a substitute for their success. The fact that more than 20% of the world’s population understands basic business and economy compared to less than 0.01% who really understand cryptococcus and its mining process means more people will have a very easy chance of getting VICoin using their knowledge. have. This new model of “excavation” will help disrupt the status quo in the current mining model through the world of cryptocurrency.
Mainstream Adoption
The hope is that it will deliver the proliferation of crypto usage in the mainstream far beyond what we see today. Today it is estimated that less than 1% of the world understands the ins and outs of the world of cryptocurrency. VICoin hopes to bring ease of use and convenience of cryptocurrency directly to the masses of consumers. Though human knowledge is far more expansive than it is in other industries that have existed for a long time. Finally,
Through an innovative system of knowledge base, mining and excavation systems, the VICoin platform will be poised for entry into the mainstream of mass adoption. This exciting new excavation system will offer the world the first look of new mining methods, which is necessary considering the current mining annihilation. Furthermore, through decentralized mining and quarrying applications – VICoin hopes to bring community-based crypto innovatively with innovative knowledge-based token-making methods.
Digging Economics in Virtonomics
Vicoin Sale
Allocation of Token in Pre-Sale

The Project Team:

The VICoin has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.
  • Sergey Menshchikov — Project Leader Virtonomics
  • Sergey Morgalev — Technical Director, blockchain demon
  • Mikhail Rakhaev — Game Design
  • Denis Zhuravkov — Game Designer, Community manager
  • Anton Fedotov — Design/ UX
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