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The blockchain technology has made many people in the world multi millionaires in the last few years due to their investment in cryptocurrencies. Most of these crypto millionaires were involved in ICOs. ICOs are initial coins offerings which aim is to provide initial funds for startup companies all over the world to execute their business ventures. There are so many ICOs on the internet these days but there is an interesting ICO which project concept is quite amazing. and by being part of it can make you a multi millionaire.over night. The project is called

Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online economic game(MNO), a global business simulator that emulates the activities of economic agents. The ecosystem of a virtual economy spans hundreds of various industries in multiple sectors such as extraction of mineral resources, manufacturing,retail, service,utilities,IT,scientific research etc. In the game users create and develop their virtual companies and run all core business processes found in real life businesses,such as marketing,sales,logistics, financial management, procurement,HR, R$D etc. In Virtonomic game users owning and managing their virtual companies actively interact and compete with each other, acting as a consumer,suppliers,partners and rivals.

VICoin (VIC) cryptocurrency circulates freely, listed on the exchange and has a naturalized channel. Cryptocurrency can not only buy game entities and assets in a virtual economy but also outside of services and real goods.

By using a smart contract realized, Ethereum blockchain will store data on:

  • Total number of VICoin in circulation.
  • VICoin balance on player accounts and fund flows.
  • purchase and ownership of excavation units.
  • Change the Virt game bonus to VICoin tokens.
  • work contract between players.


In addition, smart contracts will implement settlement functions among owners
virtual companies and managers hired according to work contract.
Why VICoin Appreciate?
Because of the size of the problem and overdemand. The total number of VICoin to be issued is set at 800,000 000 VICoin.
The economics of token circulation are self-sustaining. A person can buy any Virtonomik excavation assets only for tokens. At the time of purchase at Virtonomics Marketplace, the appropriate number of tokens is burned.
The settlement between users for the services provided (the labor market in Virtonomik) is done exclusively on the VICoin token.
Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effects. For example, 19% of tokens will be mined in the first year of 19% but only 15% in the second year, and so on. The fall of the number of mining tokens with the expansion of the project audience will increase the demand and, consequently, the token level.
Pre-Sales: Procedures.
  1. To buy tokens, you need to register in the Virtonomics business MMO simulator. Click the orange button “Get token”
  2. When registering, enter the correct e-mail and password (remember your password)
  3. To confirm registration, a letter asking you to validate your e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address immediately. (If you do not see the registration letter in your mailbox, check the spam folder just in case.) If the registration letter for some reason goes to spam, mark this letter as “not spam” and click the “full registration” button in the mail).
  4. After switching from the registration letter to the business simulation game interface, select your virtual company name and press “Create company”. The registration procedure for your account in Virtonomics business simulation has been completed.
  5. Now enter your personal account to purchase VICoin tokens. To do this, press the green item “VICoin” on the menu.
  6. In your personal account, click on the “BUY VICINO” button, and proceed to the payment interface
  7. In the payment interface, select the number of VICoin tokens you need
  8. Choose a payment system, the more convenient you get VICoin token through and click on the “BUY”
  9. Next, depending on the payment system you choose, follow the payment instructions.
  10. After payment is complete, the number of tokens purchased and owned will be displayed in your personal account (VICoin green menu item).
Digging Economics in Virtonomics
VICoin Sale
Allocation of Token in Pre-Sale
For more details and joining the current ViCoin project please follow the following links:
ETH: 0x20c75fB1F189E93b9Fa27908823B8926fDb99aF9

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