VICOIN — Virtonomic

What is VIcoin — Virtonomic?

Virtonomics is an on a very basic level new worldview and stage for making of a standard digital money, VICoin, in light of option virtual economy advancement.

VIcoin Trouble and Solved

Tall money related, innovative and scholarly obstacles of mining as a methods for gaining digital money on the mass market
  • Piece mining as a method for digital money acquiring is still particularly the protect of cutting edge innovation nerds. Today, by a wide margin the dominant part of individuals lacking specific information in both blockchain advances and digital money economy is banned from themining market. The huge volume of genuinely particular ability required for understanding blockchain innovations alongside the idea of the digital money advertise and the routes ofgaining from it sets insuperable scholarly and mechanical obstructions keeping the cryptographic money from swinging to a really mass instrument in light of exercises comprehended by and commonplace to that lion’s share of individuals.
  • Procuring cryptographic money by mining includes very considerable interest in innovative foundation and additionally working expenses of running and looking after mining “ranches” and power bills. Unavoidably, return rate for the proprietors of little local homesteads diminishes, and this descending pattern will proceed.
  • A mineworker has very nearly ZERO effect on the way toward picking up digital currency, since everything relies upon his spendings on gear, limit, profitability upkeep and power utilization. The benefit of square mining is diminishing while the cost of exchanges is going up, making it relatively inconceivable for single mineworkers to contend with modern size mining ranches.
Going for giving a huge scale to age and utilization of digital currencies, we partition the procedure of the last’s creation into two in a general sense distinctive procedures: to begin with, mining as the innovative process cryptographic pieces age, excessively muddled for the vast majority, making it impossible to comprehend; and second, burrowing as the action which is significant and intelligible for the overall population, framing establishment for age of tokens and granting them to individuals as per the aftereffects of their operations.
We leave square mining to proficient and mechanical mineworkers and utilize the created Ethereum cryptographic squares as the mechanical establishment for production of VICoin digital money while empowering the main part of clients winning cryptographic money by deliberate and important activities that are by a wide margin more natural to them. With regards to our venture, we allude to such exercises as “burrowing”.
What influences us to think about the usage of this guideline to be imperative for the dynamic and largescale advancement of the digital currency showcase? For example, the aggregate number of individuals with even pointless learning of blockchain advances, mining, digital forms of money and their method of operation represents close to 0.01% of the worldwide populace, while the offer of individuals having no less than a general thought of economy, business, administration and enterprise remains at 20%. To make blockchain innovations and cryptographic forms of money genuinely huge scale, one needs to give individuals components of winning digital forms of money by methods for a procedure that is considerably more recognizable and reasonable.
We fabricate a biological community that will empower anybody with essential information of economy, administration and business enterprise to wind up noticeably a digger who applying and profiting by possess mastery and abilities in request to procure digital currency in a multiuser worldwide business test system that copies large scale and smaller scale efficient procedures alongside the cooperation of financial operators.
  • We build up an environment of a virtual economy where one can get an arrival on his ventures in the virtual organization resources, creating the “fuel” for the digital money without consuming away megawatts of power, purchasing huge amounts of costly equipment and video cards, or leasing space for mining ranches. More than that, it will permit coordinate gaining by one’s scholarly abilities, administration aptitudes, work and time spent on the creation and improvement of a virtual economy.
  • In such biological community of a virtual economy, everybody can make and run his own particular organization, put all accessible capital in its improvement also, increase convertible cryptographic money from the ventures.
  • We make a biological system of an option economy where the proprietor and leader of a substantial virtual organization producing an adequate sum of digital currency can employ other individuals, despite their area with a specific end goal to help overseeing and scaling up the venture, and pay them in digital currency.
VICoin Token Sale
We build an ecosystem that allows one to have a basic knowledge of economics, management and the entrepreneurship to be a digger who applies and utilizes his skills and skills to get cryptocurrency a multiuser global business simulator that emulates macro and microeconomic processes and interactions economic agents
  • We open the cryptocurrencies market to everyone
  • We build an alternative global economy with minimal hurdles for investment in the development of your business and the achievement of your business ambitions
  • We create an alternative, cross-border and publicly available labor market

Token Allocation

Pre-SALE Allocation
ICO SALE Allocation
Pre-SALE Funds Raised
Breakdown of use of funds raised at the ICO

Road Map VIcoin

Stage 1 ( Q1 2018 )
  • Development of blockchain infrastructure of the Virtonomic$ platform
  • Limited issue of VICoin tokens for the ICO
  • Redesigning algorithms of Virtonomics business simulation to match the tasks of the cryptocurrency platform
  • Redesigning and streamlining business simulation interfaces for mass users
  • Preparing and launching the ICO
Stage 2 ( Q2 2018 )
  • Releasing Virtonomic$ business simulation in the base functionality (cryptocurrency generation, self-contained economy, digging units, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
  • Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin as payment
  • Promo campaign for Virtonomic$ project and VICoin cryptocurrency
Stage 3 ( Q3 2018 )
  • Releasing the second milestone of the updated Virtonomic$ functionality (OpenData integration, expanding the functionality of the Virtonomics alternative market)
  • Project localization (translation into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
  • Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • Promo campaign for the Alternative Labor Market project
Stage 4 ( Q4 2018 )
  • Launching Virtonomic$ mobile app
  • Developing Virtonomics console apps (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • 500 000 users (3 000 000 users in 2019)

Why VICoin Token Will Be In Demand?

The demand for any cryptocurrency depends on a combination of several interconnected factors.
  1. The mass nature of the cryptocurrency and the number of token owners at a given time.
    A. Virtonomics is a long-running trust project with a large established international client base and big organic traffic. The project boasts top positions in Google global search by relevant queries. Consequently, from the very start the project accumulates the critical mass of VICoin users.
    B. Virtonomics offers a way of mining and earning cryptocurrency that is much more available and understandable for most people compared to the classic mining, from both financial and technological viewpoints. There are more people with at least basic understanding of classic business, economy, management and business than people possessing basic knowledge of blockchain technologies, mining and cryptography.
    C. The Virtonomics alternative labor market enables players earn cryptocurrency in the online game by acting as hired employees with no personal investment, thus making VICoin a mass cryptocurrency.
  2. The number of naturalization channels and the ways of using the cryptocurrency.
    A. The bulk of alternative coins are self-replicating things in themselves. They do not have a base product generating added value and one can buy nothing for them. The reason is the same as stated above: they lack the audience which may be of interest for the real business. Conversely, from the very launch VICoin has at least two readily available channels, the gaming and the educational services.
    B. VICoin will be extremely active in expanding the channels for acceptance of its tokens and widening its partner network. At the first stage it will focus mostly on attracting educational services, financial companies, online stores and gaming projects into the partner network.
    C. VICoin will be widely represented in cryptocurrency exchange offices and on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. Upside potential of the token.
    A. Limited issue size and overdemand
    B. Speculative expectations
    C. Project dynamics and implementation of roadmap
    D. Upside potential of the global cryptocurrency market in general
    E. Shortage of truly quality active blockchain projects on the market amidst hype


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