With its next generation cryptocurrency, Victorieum Token, the platform aims to outrun the present day crypto-market limits. Victorieum platform’s high-level architecture makes sure that speed and stability are always at priority. We are revolutionizing the centralized finance market with the amazing blockchain technology.

Victorium token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of crypto-economy. As the platform advances, state-of-the-art financial tools for crypto-payments, exchanges, banking, and financial services will be available for its customers.


Cryptocurrencies have gained some serious public attention over the last year with people starting to understand the true value they bring, rather than just looking at the potential immediate financial gains possible!

Most people are naturally adverse to change which is why Crypto and Blockchain technology can seem a little scary in the beginning. Looking back at the birth of credit cards, it took over 50 years for them to be fully adopted and main stream!

Theres a few key players such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple which you may have heard of. Theres also over 1500 other alt coins (Alternative to Bitcoin) in circulation! Some provide more value than others, a topic of discussion for another day….

For those of you that have just come across Cryptocurrency, welcome. I wanted to give you a brief overview before we get started.

In short, its digital money created from code which is monitored by a peer to peer internet protocol (users govern the system through the internet). Cryptocurrency is free from all government oversight!!! Its a string of data encoded to signify one unit of currency.

Following the trend of Cryptocurrency, Victorieum is present as a solution to the problem that often occurs in the world of cryptocurrency. Victorieum assures its customers with unmatched performance, security, features, and extremely low transaction fee. Our platform has been built intuitively keeping in mind the end user. Performance and value delivery form our key focus areas.
Victorieum platform is based on blockchain technology that translates into a Trust-based Fraud-resistant architecture. The design is such as to offer maximum convenience to the users along with lightning-fast speeds. Victorieum is a fully licensed crypto-bank and exchange, offering Low-to-zero fees to its customers worldwide.

Victorieum Services

  • Issuing of own deposit products
  • Current Account to Corporate and Individual clients
  • Saving accounts
  • Fixed term deposit accounts
  • Set-up of mutual fund
  • Checking Accounts
  • Fixed term
  • Issuing Credit Cards through Mastercard / VISA Principal Members
  • Issuing of Bank References and Certificates of Good Standings
  • Daily liquidity accounts
  • Multi Currency Accounts
  • Asset Management like products
  • Currency exchange
  • Investment Consultancy Services
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Financial Engineering
  • Victorieum exchange
  • Victorieum passive income program

Token Sales

Tokens in total 1 billion
Token Sale Price Bonus
Presale : 100 million 1 Cent Per Token 40%
Stage 1 : 100 million 6 Cent Per Token 35%
Stage 2 : 100 million 9 Cent Per Token 30%
Stage 3 : 100 million 12 Cent Per Token 25%
Stage 4 : 100 million 16 Cent Per Token 20%
Stage 5 : 100 million 21 Cent Per Token 15%

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