Viddo ICO – New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform

Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


Viddo ICO

VIDDO ICO ratingViddo ICO – The Viddo platform could be a blockchain protocol that has reliable knowledge on the system to secure, clear and inevitable financial gain, and simple validation for all relevant stakeholders UN agency transfer, consume or share content.

The Viddo platform intends to make a special rule which will be to blame for the validity of the information with tangible, world worth. this may be enforced employing a set up for mapping disparate knowledge sources. it’ll even be doable to use good contracts which will have increased remuneration system capabilities.

Moreover, The blockchain ensures a very clear knowledge management and payment system for ProAccount users. The technology of the blockchain carries out the association of the community with the protocol, that successively helps to staidly assess the case of optimization of development.

Smart contracts area unit designed to revive the arrogance of customers of information and to win lost positions. additionally, the patron can receive a fee for mistreatment of the services of the positioning. this may additionally profit massive corporations which will be ready to receive realistic knowledge, that doubtless can improve the standard of the whole scheme as an entire.


Viddo ICO Scheme

The Viddo scheme is geared toward guaranteeing the process of transactions in massive volumes, this can be expected to be enforced through the utilization of AN agreement mechanism.

For the uninterrupted operation of the network, a reliable node is needed, which is able to shield against external threats, the Proof of labor rule is used for this. Transactions at intervals the platform itself can have a minimum commission. The Viddo can work on the Ethereum website, with the flexibility to change to the other platform within the future, if necessary.

Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


The Benefit of Viddo ICO


The simplest thanks to verifying a few platforms is to go looking through reviews from users. In this facet, Viddo has set a decent and rattling name for the advantages of the community to realize their objectives and create make the most of each mercantilism they enhance on and be affected with each video packaging on Viddo network.


Viddo exchange has fee-related data on the websites to create positive each user perceives deposit, dealing and withdrawal fees with a premium value.

Verification Demand

Viddo exchange mercantilism platforms need some style of ID verification like passport, license, national id card, so as to create deposits & withdrawals and additionally publish a reliable video. though verification will take up to a number of days, might sound sort of a pain/frustration, however, it protects the platform against every kind of scams and concealing.

Advanced Security

Viddo systems area unit encrypted and can’t be accessed while not correct authorization from Viddo administration, it’s terribly sturdy security. The project’s main assets, together with user’s funds, area unit hold on in cold wallets and can’t be accessed from the net.

7 Reasons for Choosing Viddo

Anyone Can Monetize

VIDDO rewards content creators and content distributors for every single read and clicks on that a video on their platform receives. This clear and easy payout system fairly compensates micro-influencers with smaller follower bases that area unit far more engaged than those of celebrity influencers. It additionally releases the taking part in the field for amateur content creators making videos on niche topics. watching you, DIY pet squirrel costume how-to’s.


Video views and clicks area unit half-tracked mechanically and transparently on the blockchain ledger, and creators and curators with ProAccounts will track their daily knowledge and calculate revenue. nobody else sees this knowledge unless you decide on to share it with them. Creators or curators able to sell their channel will use this knowledge to prove the worth of their channels, eliminating any likelihood for fraud.

Access to a Dynamic Content Library

Uploading and storing content on Viddo is deliberately cost-efficient and inevitable. This low barrier to entry makes it tantalizing for content creators of all types of genres, guaranteeing AN exciting library of cont4ent for viewers across interests.

Copyright Compliance

In the Viddo system, stealing content so as to make the most of it’s pointless, as a result of distributors area unit already mechanically rewarded for sharing copyright-compliant content direct from the creators. rather than chasing down content pirates or solicitation admins to revive your erroneously deleted content, you’ll be able to take your dog for a walk. Or have a cocktail. Or both.


Views of shared content that happen on any platform area unit rewarded, encouraging mass distribution, aka virality. Videos are shared either on Viddo, or through AN embedded link on a third-party platform. this method utterly eliminates violation or taken content, by rewardable shares of original content.

Ad Engagement

Imagine a world wherever you’re rewarded for looking at ads directly relevant to you, once you desire it. Mm. Likey? this can be the Viddo world, and it’s dynamical however folks feel regarding ads forever. By fostering a positive angle towards ads, advertisers will increase conversions, decrease ad pay and transparently conquer ad fatigue. The cherry on top: Your ads can ne’er find yourself taking part in before undesirable videos once more.

Financial Viability

The reasons listed higher than wouldn’t mean a lot of while not a property platform. Viddo’s business model is constructed on a various series of revenue streams, from each transaction and ads. as a result of Viddo set up on being a good revenue distribution video platform for an awful while.

Viddo ICO Token

Detail: Viddo ICO Token
Token VDT
Price 1 VDT = 0.5 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap 15,800,000 USD
Country Malta
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


Viddo ICO Team

Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform


Viddo ICO Roadmap

Viddo ICO - New Fair Revenue Distribution Video Platform

Important Information

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