What is the VIDY layer?
Vidy has created the first page invisible embed layer for videos, run on the Ethereum blockchain. 
By just waiting, users can now reveal hyper-relevant small videos hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking new dimensions to the internet.

Why We Create Vidy

$ 16B  of funds lost every year stolen from advertising fraud.
$ 23  Cost of user data from unwanted advertisements every month.
44%  of all ads that interact with humans, the rest are all bots.
21%  Daily battery drain from unwanted advertisements
0.02% of  taped banner ads per 1000 impressions.
4.9%  interstitial ads that hijack your entire screen tapped.
66%  of all advertising fraud comes from videos, but video only reaches 44% of all ads.
$ 50b  Of the annual advertising fraud losses anticipated for the next 10 years.
30%  of advertisers demand more real estate video ads.
Ekosistem VIDY
Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol, run by miners, which automatically places large-scale video ads into highly relevant text from millions of publishers’ pages.

Publisher / Advertiser Dashboard

Publishers and advertisers get access to a dashboard where they can manage their campaigns and upload their video ads. They can adjust the campaign directly, see statistics on each campaign and the performance of individual video ads, and look at the analysis of users and publishers to evaluate how they are performing and recalculate copies and creatively according to that.
Video Ad
A small, hyper-relevant circular video that appears while pressing Vidylinks.
Application Layer
The application layer is a video ad distributor that is faced by consumers across the web, packaged in an SDK that can be installed only by beats by any publisher,
Indexed Websites
Vidy indexes hundreds of millions of web pages and parses natural languages ​​on the screen to match the NLP Protocol. This is the total inventory available for ad placement in direct ad campaigns.
NLP protocol
Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol that automatically places large-scale video ads to highly relevant text from millions of publishers’ pages.
Agreement Layer
The consensus layer receives user data along with ad performance information from the data layer and processes it as input in the placement script it runs. This is done simultaneously with decrypting the smart contract that is submitted for the target user data application.
Data Layer
The data layer is the foundation of the Vidy Ad distribution platform, simultaneously communicating with the application consensus layer, and transparently keeping all data entered in Vidy’s ledger changed. The data layer keeps records of all embed placements, hold time, VidyCoin payments, Stunning VidyCoin balances, and all VidyCoin transactions through one-click purchase capital on the application layer.
Hold To Get VidyCoin
For the first time, when you see Vidylink and hold it to watch that video ad, you make money. Vidy gives you compensation with VidyCoin (VIDY) for every second you hold. The longer you hold, the more your income. You can even make purchases on the video using VidyCoin with just one tap.
See your VidyCoin balance growing in real time when you press.
Swipe up to buy products with VidyCoin in one tap.
Using Vidy
VidyCoin (VIDY) gets its use in 3 main ways. You get VIDY every time you press an ad, you use VIDY to make a purchase within a single tap on the ad, and VIDY is obliged to fill in entirely for all ad campaigns on the platform.
Vidy distribution
Use of Results
Token Sales
Ad Level
Every brand that wants to advertise on Vidy’s embedding layer must bet VidyCoin to use the platform. There are 4 different levels of features, based on how many VIDY advertisers set.


Q1 2018
Built in 2017 infrastructure 
Assemble Advisor Team 
Complete the demo product 
Prepare for ICO

Q2 2018
the Beta ICO Beta launch platform, 
Pilot with Publishers 
Enhance the

Q3 2018 Advertising platform
Expand indexed sites Reveal 
OTP on the 
dashboard Control Production releases 
Integrate blockchain pieces

Q4 2018
Launch 10 web hooks 
Grow database from Vidys 
Get 100 top advertisers 
Launch user data containers

Q1 2019
Launch V1 from the
1 million page publisher index platform 
Complete dashboard release. 
Complete the NLP

Q2 2019 consensus layer
Revealing the V1 from the blockchain 
Launching the Miner-driven protocol 
Index of 10 million publisher pages 
Extending to all web properties.

Vidy has gathered millions of users of publisher partnerships, and has garnered interest from the world’s biggest brands.
We really need Vidy at Coca-Cola for the past 10 years. That can add hundreds of millions to our bottom line.
Greg Chambers
Global Group Digital Director, Coca-Cola
I have never seen a solution for the advertising industry that has as much potential as the Vidy platform. What inventions change the game
Kimberly Wheeler
Marketing Director at Sephora

Tim Vidy


The story of Vidy began at Harvard, where Patrick Colangelo founded a company in his dorm room. Today, Vidy boasts a world-class engineering team based in San Francisco with team members who have previously sold their own companies, collected 10 million users, patented a multimillion-dollar invention, and have enjoyed decades of success in the world of software development. The Vidy team has been together for years, bound by mutual admiration, friendship, and the ambition to build a platform that can truly change people’s lives for the better.





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